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The Passing Lane Newsletter - June 2010

Page 6: Phenolic Intage Manifold Spacer, HD Turbo Control Valve, ipd HD Compressor Bypass Valve, ipd Silicone Hoses

Orders placed through our website will automatically receive any discount pricing associated with this promotion.
If you call to place your order, please be sure to mention media code "MD" to ensure that the correct sales pricing is applied to your phone order.

Sale pricing valid from Friday, June 18, 2010 through Saturday, August 07, 2010

Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacer

Ipd's phenolic intake manifold spacer insulates the intake manifold from the 
cylinder head reducing heat conduction that can raise intake air temps. Cooler 
air means more timing, and more timing means more torque. We use only proper G10
GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) phenolic material unlike some PRP (Paper 
reinforced plastic) which can fatigue and loose shape in a short period of 
time. G10 phenolic is mechanically stronger and provides the best in thermal transfer resistance translating into lower temps and more power. Our kit 
includes all the necessary hardware and instructions for a seamless install.
Phenolic Intake Manifold Spacer

HD Turbo Control Valve

ipd’s new precision turbo control valve provides rock solid boost control and high accuracy restoring power from failing solenoids that are slow and sluggish. Slow spool time and fading boost pressure is common with weak factory solenoids and can rob you of power you didn’t know you even lost. Designed to handle high heat, high pressure, and tough environments Ipd’s new turbo control valve was built with longevity in mind. With crisp actuation and precise control you’ll regain lost power from poorly operating stock units. Direct fit, typically installs in under 10 minutes with no modifications required.

Fits all turbo models 1998-2008 except S40/V40 models or any S40/V50/C70 from 2005 and up or T6 models.

all turbo models - 1998-2008
Blue Silicone hose*
spring clamp
*We recommend 7 feet to do all three turbo control valve hoses.

ipd's New Heavy Duty Compressor Bypass Valve

ipd's new heavy duty compressor bypass valve (HD CBV) upgrades the stock components to help you maximize boost developement while properly protecting the turbo from boost surge that can come from higher than stock boost levels. Our kit is complete and comes with a new HD diaphragm, 10lb & 14lb springs and a CNC machined billet aluminum follower. Symptoms of torn or failing factory CBV's are:

  • Delayed boost developement or low boost across the board
  • Fluttering or surging when closing the throttle when in boost
  • Erratic boost developement

The stock spring is 8 lbs and good for up to 12 lbs of boost
. The included blue spring is 10 lbs and good for up to 15 lbs of boost
. The included red spring is 14 lbs and good for up to 21 lbs of boost.

It's better to go conservative with your spring selection, if you're running 16 psi boost, run the 10 lb spring as it is the closest given your boost pressure. If you're pushing 18-19 psi then step up to the red 14 lb spring.

Compressor bypass valve fits All 5 cylinder turbo models except for: S60R V70R 2004-2007, S60/V70 T5 07-
Heavy duty Compressor Bypass Valve

Silicone Coolant Hoses by IPD

We're happy to introduce our new silicone coolant hose kit. Made exclusively for IPD these hoses are a direct replacement for your factory rubber coolant hoses. Offered in a beautiful blue color, these 4 layer, reinforced silicone hoses will outperform and outlast the weaker rubber components.

Our kit includes both upper and lower radiator hoses, both expansion tank hoses and the hose that connects the hard water pipe to the head.

850 - 1993-1998 - silicone coolant hose kit

Silicone Intercooler Hose Kit by IPD

Silicone hoses can be one of the most affordable and easy upgrades to your Volvo.

Many factory hoses are made of rubber or similar materials that allow massive amounts of flex which translates to a fluctuation in boost pressure. Rubber couplers can also fail from age, heat, and oil soaking from natural oil migration that occurs in turbo charged vehicles. Symptoms of torn or failing couplers include lean running at low throttle and rich running at higher throttle, additionally fuel mileage can suffer greatly. The number one complaint associated with torn or failed couplers is low or erratic boost and subsequent lower power from the vehicle. Quality hoses are instrumental in maintaining steady boost pressure as well as containing it under higher than stock levels.

Replace your worn out rubber couplers with Ipd's new silicone boost tubing couplers for both long life and high performance!

850/70 series - 1994-1998 - silicone turbo hose kit

Sale pricing valid from Friday, June 18, 2010 through Saturday, August 07, 2010

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