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Mini-Mailer RWD June 2010

Mini-Mailer RWD June 2010

Limited time sale pricing available from Tuesday, June 08, 2010 through Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer is here! With summer road trips and summer heat, your Volvo’s cooling system can really get a workout. Fortunately a little bit of maintenance goes a long way. We’ve got the best in cooling components and some good tech tips in this newsletter to help your Volvo keep it’s cool. Whether your 240 just needs a new thermostat or a whole new cooling system, we have the parts to keep you cool. In this newsletter we’re also featuring transmission components to help you keep the power where it belongs – to the wheels! While your transmission doesn’t require the same level of maintenance as other parts of your Volvo, it’s not to be ignored. We’ve been providing parts for these transmissions since they were introduced by Volvo in their cars so you can trust IPD to provide the best in service and parts.

Table Of Contents

  1. Tech Tip: Timing Belt Service, Timing Belts and Kits, Timing Belt Covers, Crankshaft Pulley Holder Wrench
  2. Crankshaft Pulley, Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, Throttle Body Cleaning Kit
  3. Tech Tip: Transmission Fluid Service (Manual), Overdrive Mini-Service Kit, Clutch Kits, Overdrive Access Cap Removal Tool, Shift Knob Kits & Overdrive Switches, Manual Transmission Overdrive Relays
  4. TECH TIP: Automatic Transmissions, Automatic Transmission Overdrive Fix it Kit, Overdrive Relays and Buttons, Tech Tip: Proper Fluid for Your Overdrive, Small Tip Funnel, Fluid Syringe
  5. Automatic Transmission Flush Kit, In-Line Magnetic Filters, Speedometer Cables and Seals, Automatic Transmission Tailshaft Bushing Repair Kit
  6. Tech Tip, Engine and Transmission Mounts
  7. Tech Tip: Running on the Hot Side? Find Out Why, Heating System Components, Heater/AC Blower Motors, Heater Control Valves
  8. Radiator Hoses and Clamps, Standard Replacement Radiators, HD 3-Row Radiator
  9. Cooling Fan Clutches and V-Belts, Replacement Water Pumps, Thermostats and Seals, Thermostat 
Housing Cover
  10. Waterwetter Supercoolant, Air Conditioning Compressor Bypass Kit, Temperature Gauge Bypass Kit, Coolant Temperature Gauge Compensator Board

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