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In Depth Braking Tips & Products for Your Front Wheel Drive Volvo

Page 8: Front Brake Caliper Tool, TECH TIP: Using Sil-Glyde to Lubricate Brake Pads & Hardware, Sil-Glyde Brake Lube, Brake Caliper Epoxy Paint Kit

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Front Brake Caliper Tool

Replacing the front brake pads or rotors on 850 and later model cars require a 7mm hex tool. Most metric hex tool sets do not include this size, so we have sourced an economical solution.

3/8” drive 7mm hex socket 850, 70 series, S60, V70, S80

TECH TIP: Using Sil-Glyde to Lubricate Brake Pads & Hardware

We sell a product called Sil-Glyde that is commonly used by automotive service shops to maintain safe and quiet operation of the brake system (ipd part # BK3). Properly lubing the brake system hardware and pad-to-piston interface is critical to ensure system longevity and safe performance. Failure to lube the hardware can lead to caliper binding and cause uneven pad wear, poor brake response and possible overheating of the brake system in severe cases.All Volvo front and rear disc brake systems benefit from the application of Sil-Glyde. Applying Sil-Glyde to the sliding pins and back side of the brake pad helps to ensure quiet, squeal-free performance. Do not allow Sil-Glyde or any other product to contaminate the friction side of the brake pad or rotor.

Sil-Glyde Brake Lube


For preventative medicine or to stop stubborn squeals, simply apply a thin layer of Sil-Glyde Brake Lube to the backing plate of pads, to anti-squeal shims and, caliper slides. The 0.7oz. tube will treat several cars and each application should last 6 months to a year.

Brake lubricant - 19.8 grams (.7 oz) tube
Brake lubricant - 4 gram packet (.14 oz)
Warning: Keep lubricant off pad friction material and rotor surfaces

Brake Caliper Epoxy Paint Kit

Keeping your car looking its best is often ruined by rusty and dusty brake calipers showing through your alloy wheels. Restore or accentuate calipers to a better than new look. Restore them by using either the black or silver kits. For a sportier look, use the red kit. Each kit contains two-part epoxy paint, step by step instructions, paint brush, and a can of brake cleaner to prep the surface before painting. The high temp finish seals and protects the calipers, is oil and chemical resistant and, because of the gloss finish, it will be easier to clean accumulated brake dust from the smooth calipers.
Red caliper paint kit
Silver caliper paint kit
Black caliper paint kit
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