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Vintage Newsletter - May 2010

Page 13: ipd Anti Sway Bars, Sport Springs&#8232; for a Firm and Stable Ride, Overload Springs for Heavy Hauling

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Sale pricing valid from Saturday, May 15, 2010 through Friday, July 02, 2010

ipd Anti-Sway Bars

If you know ipd, you already know that we’ve pioneered anti-sway bar setups for Volvos for more than 40 years. We make them for other vehicles too - and in some cases, the original manufacturer has copied our designs and integrated them into their own production line. Think about that. Our bars were proven so superior to the original equipment that they BECAME original equipment.Cars continue to evolve and handling characteristics that were once available only on high end exotics are now commonplace. If you’re like us (and you must be, or you wouldn’t be reading this), you prefer to drive a Vintage Volvo rather than a newer, less interesting car.

The sway bars we started selling as performance improvements (which they are) are the same sway bars we’ve been selling as safety improvements (because they are). They’ll give your old Volvo handling characteristics that 1) put it in a class well above most other ‘old cars,’ and 2) get it well on its way to handling with the same panache as much newer machinery while retaining its vintage charm.

You won’t believe the improvement and you’ll wish you’d bought a set sooner. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone who’s tried them! Satisfaction Guaranteed, period. They really are that good.

444, 544 - up to 1965 - 25mm front, 19mm rear(1)(2)
122, 1800 w/2.25” axle tubes - 1962-66 - 28mm front, 19mm rear (1)
122, 1800 w/2.50” axle tubes - 1967-69 - 28mm front, 19mm rear
122S wagon - All - 28mm front, 19mm rear(1)
1800E, ES - 1970-73 - 28mm front, 19mm rear
140 series - 1967-74 - 25mm front, 19mm rear
*Drilling required for rear bar installation on all models.(1) Early cars may need holes drilled for front bar installation.(2) Limited supply - Call for more information.

6K5004 Reviewed by Ferd Caron from St. Albert, Alberta, CanadaI just came back from my first ride with my 1971 P1800E with the new Anti-Sway bars put in, I installed the front and had the rear professionally done. Really nice difference, flat in the corners, and a much improved and smoother ride. I would highly recommend these to all 1800 owners who drive past the corner store. The original front bar, in my opinion, was just not stiff enough to keep the body from rolling in corners, but this combination does the trick. Happy motoring.

Sport Springs
 for a Firm and Stable Ride

You probably already know that most people who lower their cars are after the ‘slammed’ look. Our coils won’t do that. What they will do is offer a higher (stiffer) spring rate to keep the tires on the ground during enthusiastic driving, reduce body movement to keep handling characteristics firmer and more predictable, and lower the center of gravity so that your favorite curvy roads can be taken with gusto. Expect a 1”-1 1/2” drop from stock ride height - and keep in mind that your original springs have most likely sagged from age and use. Price is for set of 4
122 sedans, 1800 - all
140 - 1967-72
140 - 1974
164 - 1969-72

Overload Springs for Heavy Hauling

After decades of use, the rear springs (even on Volvos) usually begin to sag. If you fill the rear with cargo, it gets even worse. It looks funny, makes the car drive funny and changes the geometry of the rear suspension, which in turn puts additional stress on the shocks and bushings. Overload springs offer a 20% stiffer spring rate over stock, returning your Volvo to its proper ride height and will increase carrying capacity overall. Prices are per pair.
122 wagon - all
145 sedan* - 1973-74
145 wagon* - 1973-74
Rear upper spring seat
$35.48102171VOLVO OE
Rubber spring spacer
$20.96102172VOLVO OE
*Overload coils can be used in 1968-73 140 series models if you convert to the later-style rear spring mounts. Some 1973 and all 1974 models have the later style mounts. If the rear coils are bolted in place both top and bottom (both ends are pigtail) then you will need the following parts to install overload coils: #1221882 and 1221885.

If you have access to a Volvo wrecking yard in your area, these same parts were used on all 1975-1993 240 series Volvos. They are pretty easy to remove with the rear of the vehicle off the ground.

FREE ipd patch with any purchase of $50 or more.Patch measures 2.5 inches wide x 1 inch tall

Sale pricing valid from Saturday, May 15, 2010 through Friday, July 02, 2010

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