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Vintage Newsletter - May 2010

Page 8: Fuel Injectors and Seals, Weber Carburetor Parts, Weber, SU and Stromberg Carburetor Manual by Haynes, Weber® Carb Kit for 122s, 1800s and 140s, Weber® Fine Tuning with Jet Kit

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Sale pricing valid from Saturday, May 15, 2010 through Friday, July 02, 2010

Fuel Injectors and Seals

If your injectors aren’t injecting, your engine won’t run. If they’re not injecting well, your engine won’t run well. If you’re not sure, give us a call for some quick troubleshooting tips.
140 - B20F - 1974-75 - k-jetronic injector (1)
1800, 140 - B20 - 1970-73 - Injector seal kit (D Jet.)
140 - B20 - 1974-75 - Injector seal kit (K Jet.)
(1) Injector seals aren’t included. Always replace injector seals when replacing an injector.*Note: D-jet injectors are no longer available

Weber Carburetor Parts

If your Weber DGV or DGEV isn’t working like it used to, we’ve got most of the replacement parts you’ll need to get it back to good order.
Gasket, Weber DGV carb to manifold (set of 2)
Carburetor heat insulator (Phenolic spacer) 1/4” thick
Rebuild kit for Weber DGV
Detailed carb kit instructions (comes with carb kit)
Helpful jetting tips (comes with carb kit)
Fuel shut-off solenoid electric choke only
ACC pump diaphragm
Choke rod
Power valve
Float bowl gasket

Weber, SU and Stromberg Carburetor Manual by Haynes

This Haynes covers most Webers including the DGV we sell and the ever popular DCOE. Also includes teardown and rebuild procedures for the original equipment SU carbs. Theory, operation, maintenance and tuning are covered; extensive jetting charts and reference tables too. A must have for anyone who likes to (or has to) work on their own carbs.
Haynes Weber carb manual

Weber® Carb Kit for 122s, 1800s and 140s

Is your vintage Volvo a candidate for a Weber conversion? If you are experiencing problems with your original SUs or Strombergs, a Weber conversion could be a desirable solution. Our Weber kit is available with a manual choke or electric choke - we recommend the manual choke version for maximum control, however, check local emissions laws before making this decision. *California requires DGEV.

Both kits include a Weber DGV series carburetor, aluminum intake manifold, free flow air cleaner with cleanable element, prefabricated linkage, all necessary hoses and fittings, and complete instructions and troubleshooting information. Please note that although Webers are shipped with jets, you will need to fine tune your new carburetor, using a Jet Kit, for best results.

Carb kit automatic choke
Carb kit manual choke

Weber® Fine Tuning with Jet Kit

If you’re installing a Weber DGV series carb (whether new or used), you MUST jet it to YOUR engine. Altitude differences, engine wear, driving habits, etc. - each affect the jetting your car will need. Consider this a requirement if you intend to get the engine running right.
Purchase price

FREE ipd patch with any purchase of $50 or more.Patch measures 2.5 inches wide x 1 inch tall

Sale pricing valid from Saturday, May 15, 2010 through Friday, July 02, 2010

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