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Rear Wheel Drive Newsletter March 2010

Page 11: ipd Anti-Sway Bars, Free T-Shirt Offer, ipd Garage Sale News

Orders placed through our website will automatically receive any discount pricing associated with this promotion.
If you call to place your order, please be sure to mention media code "MA" to ensure that the correct sales pricing is applied to your phone order.

Sale pricing valid from Monday, March 22, 2010 through Friday, May 21, 2010

ipd Anti-Sway Bar Kits

Receive a FREE ipd logo t-shirt with any sway bar kit purchase!

If you know ipd, you know that we began pioneering anti-sway bar set-ups for Volvos more than 40 years ago.

Cars continue to evolve, and handling characteristics that were once available only on high-end exotics are now commonplace. We originally developed our anti-sway bars to enhance handling performance (which they do). However, these are the same sway bars many Volvo drivers install as safety improvements. They’ll give your Volvo handling characteristics that put it in a handling class well above where it is now and get it well on its way to handling with the same panache as much sportier machinery while retaining its Volvo identity.

You won’t believe the improvement and you’ll wish you’d bought a set sooner. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone who’s tried them! Satisfaction Guaranteed, period. They really are that good. THE suspension performance part for any Volvo. Anti-Sway Bars have been ipd’s best seller for over 40 years and represent the most significant return on investment of any product we sell. It’s often remarked by customers and employees alike that “If you only buy one thing ever from ipd, it should be Anti-Sway Bars for your Volvo.”

Anti-Sway Bars will drastically reduce the amount of body roll your car experiences around corners and increase ride comfort to boot. All this translates into much more precise handling and control over your Swede with absolutely zero trade-off in ride quality. All ipd safety anti-sway bar packages are built using the finest materials available, including, high memory 4140 cold-rolled chro-moly steel, lifetime warrantied polyurethane bushings and grommets and premium grade hardware. Detailed step-by-step instructions are included.

240 sedans - 1977-93 - 25mm front, 22 mm rear
245 wagons - 1979-93 - 25mm front, 22 mm rear
240 GT, Turbo & lowered - All - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 sedans w/4 cylinder non-Turbo - 1983-86 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 sedans w/6 cylinder, non-Turbo - 1983-87 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 sedans w/ 4 cyl. - 1987-93 (turbo ‘83-91) - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 wagons - 1983-87 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
700 wagons w/ 4 cyl. & Turbo - 1988-92 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
940 sedans w/ 4 cyl. (not for SE models) - 1991-95 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
940 wagons w/ 4 cyl. - 1991-95 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear
960 wagons - 1992-94 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

From: Matt in Albany, OR"This upgrade is the best thing you can do for your brick! These especially aided in my lowered 242 turbo. If your car is lowered, i would HIGHLY recommend getting the 25mm(1in) sway bars and Bilstein struts. There was a night and day difference in handling and much more confidence. GET UM!!!!"From: Jered from Redding, CA"Holy cow! I absolutely love my ipd swaybars, on every volvo i ever own ipd bars will be the first upgrade. Dont ask yourself if you should, do yourself a favor and just buy them!!!!"

Annual ipd Garage Sale

May 15, 2010 is when the 27th Annual ipd Garage Sale, Swap Meet and Car Show will take place. We look forward to this event each year and we’re excited to have games, prizes, giveaways, sale pricing on most of our stock and much more. Doors will open to the ipd sales desk from 9:00am until 1:00pm and the swap meet and car show has been extended to run until 3:00pm. We hope to see you here for this great event.

Garage Sale is 9:00am to 3:00pm Saturday May 15, 2010For information on displaying your Volvo or to reserve a swap meet spot call 800-444-6473 or e-mail our show coordinator Cameron Daline at cdaline@ipdusa.com

Over the past 26 years that we have put this event on we have had about 3 years with “perfect” weather. Last year was one of those years and probably had a lot to do with the great turn out we had. Over 70 show quality Volvos squeezed into our parking lot and another 100 or more lined the streets and parking lots for several blocks around our shop. The models were pretty evenly spread with great stock and modified examples ranging from 1960’s 544 models all the way up to the latest R models. We hope you can mark your calendar and join us for another great event.

To see video and photos of last years ipd garage sale, follow the link below.https://www.ipdusa.com/Garage-Sale-2009-Recap/blog-91

FREE ipd patch with any purchase of $50 or more.Patch measures 2.5 inches wide x 1 inch tall

Sale pricing valid from Monday, March 22, 2010 through Friday, May 21, 2010

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