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Rear Wheel Drive Newsletter March 2010

Page 9: Oxygen Sensor Wrench, Lambda Oxygen Sensors, Workshop and Owners Manuals

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Oxygen Sensor Wrench

Replacing the oxygen sensor on your Volvo can be a real pain. Since it is installed directly in the head pipe or exhaust manifold, it will usually be severely rusted or corroded in place. The main sensor wires come right out of the center of the sensor, so it is not possible to use a standard socket over the sensor. Our oxygen sensor tool has slots machined in it that allow you to slide it over the wires and onto the sensor for secure removal and installation. Our new high leverage long handle oxygen sensor wrench has a flex-head joint and a bent handle which gives you several different positions to attack that hard to reach sensor.
Oxygen Sensor Wrench
$22.95113823GREAT NECK

Lambda Oxygen Sensors Reduce Emissions

An oxygen sensor allows your engine to run as smoothly as possible, because it measures the exhaust gases and relays information to the fuel system control unit. With this information, the control unit can fine-tune the fuel mixture for optimum fuel economy and power. A dead oxygen sensor can also lead to significant idle and performance problems.
All models (universal fit) - single wire - 1977-84
All models (universal fit) - 3-wire - 1985-93
240 series w/single wire - B21F, B23F - 1982-84
240 series - B21FT - 1981-85
240 series - B230F - 1988-93
200, 700 series - B230F - 1985-87
700 series - B230FT - 1985-89
700, 900 series - B230F, B234F - 1988-93
260, 760 series - V6 - 1980-86
700, 940 series turbo - B230FT - 1990-93
940 series non-turbo - B230 - 1994-95

Workshop and Owners Manuals

By ipd staffIf you do service and maintenance work on your Volvo or have ever considered it, a good set of workshop manuals is a must. Manuals help you troubleshoot problems, provide information to help you decide if mechanical repairs are within your abilities and will alert you to the need for special tools.

The best mechanics in the world rely on manuals for information and consider them to be one of their most valuable tools. We have found that sometimes it can take several manuals to fully understand a procedure. When a procedure is unclear in one manual, often consulting another you’ll find that a different photo or another writer will clear things up. Sometimes you have to consult several manuals for clarification and when all else fails, call someone who has already done the job and can quickly provide the missing insight needed. It may seem frustrating to have to use two or three different manuals, but if you are serious about maintaining your car on your own, they are invaluable.

Here at the office we have close to 100 factory and aftermarket service and workshop manuals that we use for training and to help customers now and then. If you’re unsure of what manual is best for your Volvo and skill level or maybe you’re trying to locate a specific manual, give us a call and we’ll help you select a manual that will best suit your needs. Don’t forget about your Owners Manual! Another overlooked resource is the owners manual that Volvo provides with the car when it is sold new. This is the small booklet probably hiding at the bottom of your glove box. If you don’t have one, you can download them or view them on line for free at Volvos website. Go to the “Community” page and then select “Your Volvo” and you’ll be abel to look up the Owners manuls, Service Interval charts, A handy VIN decoder etc for most models.

The owners manual is chock full of good information. They don’t get too technical, but you can learn quite a bit about your Volvo from them. Next time you’re stuck sitting in your Volvo, dig it out of the glove box and flip through it. You would be amazed at the wealth of information provided in this little booklet specifically about your model. Types of fluid and capacities, light bulb sizes and how to replace them, maintenance intervals, basic trouble shooting, minor adjustments, driving tips and proper use of your Volvo are some of the topics covered. Educate yourself with the appropriate manuals and you’ll save money on repairs even if you don’t do the work yourself. You’ll get better service since you will be able to clearly explain problems and have a fuller understanding of suggested repairs. If you are unsure of what manuals might be best suited for you, give us a call. We’ll gladly spend a few minutes with you and suggest manuals that best match your needs and experience.

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Sale pricing valid from Monday, March 22, 2010 through Friday, May 21, 2010

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