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Rear Wheel Drive Newsletter March 2010

Page 7: Fuel Tank Bung Nut Tool, Main Fuel Pumps, Prepump Upgrade for 240, In Tank Pre Pumps

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Fuel Tank Bung Nut Tool

Accessing the pre-pump and fuel gauge sender assembly on 240 and 260 models can be a tough job if you don’t have the right tools. The difficulty lies in safely removing the large “bung nut” where all the lines and wiring go into the top of the tank. Believe it or not, that’s the official name for that style of nut. It’s a large ring with tabs that stick up at 60-degree intervals. The problem with using a drift or punch and a hammer is that the top of the fuel tank is only 4” below the floor of the car and the access opening is so small that you can’t get much of an angle to properly engage the tabs. This causes the tabs to bend over, making it hard to reinstall. And if you ever need to open it again, it’s so mutilated that it’s even more difficult, if not impossible, to remove. Our bung nut tool has interlocking tabs that positively engage the bung nut tabs, allowing the bung nut to be removed with a 1/4 turn of the wrench. The right tool makes this job go much smoother and prevents the bung nut from being damaged. No cussing, no damage and, more important, no sparks from hammering steel on steel; hence, no unexpected, loud, violent explosions. Please note that any time the fuel tank sender assembly is opened, the rubber seal ring should be replaced for safety reasons.
240, 260 series - 1978-93 - fuel tank bung nut tool
240, 260 series - 1978-93 - rubber seal ring
$5.40105699VOLVO OE

Main Fuel Pumps

A fuel pump either works or it doesn’t. Be sure to fault-check the wires and the relay before replacing it. A repair to the power source is far less expensive than a misdiagnosed fuel pump. These pumps are the same original Bosch pumps that will last as long as the original.
200 series - All - 1975-77 - rubber mnt (isolator) for main pump (2 used)
200, 700, 900 series - All - 1978-95 - rubber mount for fuel pump tray (3 used)
240, 260 series - B21F, B27F, B28F - 1980-83 - main pump, K Jetronic
240 series - B21FT - 1981-85 - main pump, K Jet. w/ turbo
240 series - B23F, B230F - 1982-93 - main pump, LH Jetronic non-turbo
700, 900 series non-turbo - B23F, B230F - 1985-97 - main pump LH non-turbo
700, 900 series turbo - B230FT - 1985-97 - main pump LH with turbo
700, 900 series - B230 Regina - 1989-91 - in-tank main pump (ignition coil is square)

Prepump Upgrade for 240

Prepump failure is common in the early 240 series cars. They work well for the most part and, even when they fail and are replaced with a new one, they usually run like new. It’s the K-jet cars (1978-84) that are most likely to benefit from a pre-pump upgrade. It seems that these 240s may have a main fuel pump noise and lack of full power even with a new original style in-tank prepump. In these cases, Volvo has a bulletin outlining the replacement of the original pre-pump with a later version that has a higher delivery capacity (#3517845 available in our kit).

This is not a direct replacement pump. Modifications are required to the pick-up tube. The pick-up tube must be shortened by 30mm, because the pump is that much longer. And a clamp is required to secure the pump to the pick-up tube. Instructions are included.

Prepump Upgrade for 240 Series (1979-1993)
Prepump conversion kit includes: A, B, C, D, E, and instructions

In-Tank Prepumps

If your Volvo runs but runs poorly (as if it is starving for fuel) a common problem area is the prepump (in-tank fuel pump). Another common symptom is that the car will run fine on a full tank, but below half-a-tank it stumbles and bucks, and the main pump will usually be quite noisy.

200 series - B20, B21, B21FT, B23, B27 - 1978-83
200 series - B23, B230 - 1984-93
740, 760 series - All - 1983-85
700 series - All - 1986-87
700, 900 series - B230FT - 1986-95
940 series - B230F, B234F - 1991-94
Filter - All models - 1978-95
200 series - Fuel tank sender seal ring - 1975-93
$5.40105699VOLVO OE
In-tank prepump hose - - 1978-95
Prepump hose clamps - - All

FREE ipd patch with any purchase of $50 or more.Patch measures 2.5 inches wide x 1 inch tall

Sale pricing valid from Monday, March 22, 2010 through Friday, May 21, 2010

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