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Rear Wheel Drive Newsletter March 2010

Page 2: Cold Snap, Listen Up Article, Wanted: Your Volvo Story, ipdusa.com

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Cold Snap, Listen Up!

by: Rob Arnold

What is it with cold snaps and cars that won’t start? Case in point, here in Oregon we had quite the cold snap recently (12 degrees F no less). So much so that neither my 850 nor my 242 would start. Now I suspected the 242 had a weak battery so I anticipated this might happen but the 850 was a well maintained, cared for vehicle. Why suddenly the no start? Maybe if I had my projects cleared out of the garage so the daily driver cars could stay warm this winter this might not have happened. At least that’s my wife’s point of view!

After reverting back to my tech school training I recalled the somewhat unorthodox advice my instructor used to give about these particular situations “close your eyes and crank the engine.” The point was to use my ears and listen before jumping under the hood on a search for the offending component.

First, listen for the starter to turn the engine over. This one is pretty basic and most folks know when that happens. Second, listen for the fuel pump(s) to run. The latter of the two is what raised an eyebrow during my ‘eyes closed’ diagnostics. Turns out the fuel pump was indeed not running, hence the sudden no start. After checking for power back at the pump with a test light I found that the pump wasn’t receiving power, which surprised me as I’ve seen plenty of fuel pumps fail but few if any fuel pump relays, which outside of a fuse is the likely culprit. Checked the fuse, which was fine, so it looks like I need a fuel pump relay. Thank goodness for my project 850 in the garage that I could swap parts from. Now who’s happy to have the garage full of my project cars, huh Mrs. Arnold?

So after one fuel pump relay installation, the car started and ran and all was happy in the Arnold household... with the exception of one 2 door 240 Volvo that needed a jumpstart. Where’s my gloves... man it’s cold out here…

What’s your Volvo story? Send your story to bryan@ipdusa.com and it may be included in an upcoming publication!

Wanted: Your Volvo Story

We began featuring customers in newsletters more than usual lately and we’ve had great responses from our readers because of it. We’d like to continue to provide the Volvo community with interesting reader content so we are pleading, yes, even begging for articles. If you have a souped up 240 wagon that you want the world to know about or even if you’re in the middle of your 900 series project and want to show off your progress, let us know and we’d love to feature you and your ride. If you own a 700 series and have a great trick or tech tip you’ve discovered, send it on over and we’ll share it with our readers.

If one of the items on your bucket list is to be published in one of ipd’s famous newsletters, here’s your chance. Don’t deny it, you know it’s there; if it’s not, add it now and send in your story so you can check it off your list. Even if you think it’s not print worthy, that’s okay, let us be the judge of that because we still want to hear your story. Tell us about how you caught the Volvo bug, the remedies you’ve tried to get rid of it and what finally put you over the edge to finally just give up and let the bug take it’s hold.

Some pictures of you and your Volvo would be great to include along with how your experience with ipd went. It would be great to also include any ipd upgrades you’ve added and how our customer service staff treated you.

We look forward to hearing your story and the opportunity to share it with other sick Volvo lovers who have caught the same bug.

Send submissions to bryan@ipdusa.com


If you haven’t visited our web site in a while, you simply must stop by and check out all the new content. We have a huge blog based section that features all kinds of things that any Volvo owner would find interesting. From the latest in Volvo Club news, news from Volvo Car Corporation, ipd’s latest products, ipd employee and customer projects, the list goes on. We have also been adding tons of new parts and accessories to the site along with a whole bunch of new videos covering special events, product features and installation tips. If you are a Volvo lover you absolutely must check out ipdusa.com.

We also wanted to remind you that in March 2007, after a close examination of the Volvo aftermarket parts market, we decided to reduce prices on all Volvo products that are commonly available on the Web.

We aggressively negotiate with our suppliers and are sourcing products from different suppliers to offer competative pricing. Much of ipd’s pricing is now based on a cost plus basis. We are continually examining our competitor’s websites and comparing where we are in the market. This means our prices can fluctuate with the market, but will ensure that you always get the best price we can offer. Unfortunately, this also means that prices printed in our catalogs and other literature may not always be as current as our website. We continually strive to provide outstanding customer service to each and every customer, whether you come to us via the internet, phone, fax, or our front counter. We can’t provide this level of customer service without higher operating costs than our competitors. We may not always be the lowest priced supplier out there, but we will provide quality products and our trademark service at a very competitive price.

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