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Braking News...in depth braking tips and products

Braking News...in depth braking tips and products

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Volvo has always outfitted their cars with excellent brake systems and was one of the first car manufacturers to offer the superior performance of disc brakes at all 4 corners beginning on the 1967 Volvo 144, 15 years before it became popular on most cars. Volvo also pioneered the application of dual circuit brake hydraulics, which provides a redundant back up system. If the brakes at any single wheel failed, the other 3 would still work correctly. Volvo did this in the 1960's, many cars didn't offer this until the late 70's. This ipd newsletter is crammed full of our most popular and helpful tech tips and articles to help you keep your brakes performing safely with maximum stopping power.

Table Of Contents

  1. Brake Tech Tip, Brake Pads
  2. Braking FAQ's, Brake Shims
  3. Tech Tip: Using Sil-Glyde, Brake Lube, Calipers, Caliper Rebuild Kits, Piston Tool for Sliding Calipers
  4. Tech Tip: Safety First, Tech Tip: Brake Seating Procedure, Brake Hardware Kits, Wheel Bearing Kits
  5. Tech Tip: Drilled, Slotted, Smooth, Anyone....Anyone?, Zimmerman Rotors, Brembo Rotors, Brakeleen, Tech Tip: Proper Installation of New Brake Rotors
  6. Tech Tip: Brake Hoses - Ready, Set, Stop!, Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
  7. Master Cylinder, Junction Block
  8. Tech Tip: Dirty Brake Fluid, the Real Bad Guy, Brake Fluid, Tech Tip: Soft or Spongy Brake Pedal, Brake Bleeder Tool, Parking Brake Shoes and Cables
  9. Tech Tip: How to Change Your Brake Pads, Extra Long Needle Nose Plyers, Digital Calipers, Latex Gloves, Great Light

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