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Vintage Newsletter - January 2010

Page 9: Horns, Battery Disconnect Switch, Vent Window Lock, Alternator Bracket

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Sale pricing valid from Friday, January 15, 2010 through Friday, March 05, 2010

Be Heard!

We consider the horn to be an important safety device — especially when driving today! If your horn sounds like a sick bird, consider substituting it with a quality replacement horn set from Fiamm®. Kit includes two separate horns, one low tone and one high tone, insulated connectors, and instructions.
Fiamm horn set

Hella® Air Horns

Tired of not being noticed when your regular horn is barely heard over the traffic noise? These horns will let your presence be known and then some.Kit includes two different length impact-resistant trumpets, high-performance compressor with air filter, tubing, relay, mounting bolts, and installation instructions. Low tone at 805Hz high tone 885Hz.
Air horns

Battery Disconnect Switch

This inexpensive, easy-to-install addition to your Volvo, RV or boat can save you time, money and hassle. With the simple 360° twist of a knob, the electrical system is disconnected. This will prevent battery drain in vehicles that sit for a week or longer. And with a “dead” electrical system, your vehicle is safe from most car thieves. Protect yourself and prevent serious wiring damage without messing with corroded terminals and frozen clamps. Just turn off the battery disconnect switch. Easily attaches to the negative (-) post of your battery for safe performance. Rated for 100 amps.
Battery Disconnect Switch

Vent Window Lock

If you own a 140 or 160 series Volvo (up to 1973), chances are your original vent window latches have fallen off the glass. Instead of buying a complete vent window, all you need is this effective, inexpensive lock.
Set of 2 vent window locks

Generator to Alternator Conversion Bracket

Improved billet one piece design results in a much stronger and longer lasting structure with a media blasted and plated finish.The 35+ year old generator fitted to your 1962 to 1966 B18 powered Volvo just barely keeps your battery charged under normal conditions. Once you add halogens, fog lights or a booming stereo (or just want to use the heater while the lights are on), it’s only a matter of time before your Swede leaves you stranded.

We’ve got the fix! Our alternator conversion bracket allows you to easily convert your Volvo from the tired old generator to the Bosch or Marchal alternators used on the later 140 and 1800 series.

If you know how to use wire crimpers and can remove and replace your generator then you can easily install this kit in a couple hours.

Adding an alternator increases available amperage and reliability - you’ll be able to use the headlights, booming stereo, wipers and heater all at the same time without that annoying red glow from the Amp light. We installed the prototype over three years ago and have made several more installations since. Excellent installation instructions also provide tips on how to source the best alternator.

Alternator Bracket Kit - 1962-1966 models with B18 engines

Sale pricing valid from Friday, January 15, 2010 through Friday, March 05, 2010

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