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Vintage Newsletter - January 2010

Page 3: "Upgrading the High Beam Switch", Headlamp Relay, Protocol Fog Lights, Hella Headlamps, Halogen Bulbs

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Upgrade Your 122 with Turn Signal Lever hi-lo Beam Control


by Shayne Green - former customer service representative

In the 1960s, Volvos that were imported to the US were required by the DOT to use foot switches to switch between Hi and Lo beams. As this addition was an afterthought, the switch Volvo used was made by the well known British electrical company, Lucas.

If this switch fails, you'll find that when you activate it with your foot that instead of switching from Lo to Hi or Hi to Lo, that it simply turns your headlights off. Less than ideal.

Later Volvos (and many other cars as well) rely on the turn signal stalk for this function. Pull straight back and the lights switch from Lo to Hi or Hi to Lo. Volvo 122 models have the switch and the wires, so adding the feature is fairly straightforward.

You'll need some female spade wiring terminals and a 'piggyback' terminal; and a headlight relay(available below #1307991) from a 140 or 240 series car. The rear mounting hole will line up with the hole that secures your current reverse relay (shown above).

It’s best to disconnect the battery before starting.

First, remove the wires from the foot dipper switch and reroute these wires through the firewall to the location of the new relay. It's a trick, but they'll fit alongside the harness next to the fusebox. Place these out of the way for now.

On the bottom of the relay are 6 terminals (shown bottom right).

On early cars (mid-1967 and earlier): next, locate the three wires under the reverse relay, usually wrapped and tucked nearby. Unwrap the bundle, then rewrap the red one (we won't be using this). Connect the grey wire to terminal "31B." Connect the 'piggyback' to the black wire and plug this into terminal "15," and add a jumper wire to terminal "81A" so that 15 and 81A are electrically joined. The other end of the black wire should be tucked into the loom near the fusebox - locate and connect to the lower inboard fuse.

On later cars (mid-1967 and later), you'll need to add this black wire - from the lower inboard side of the fusebox to terminal 15. You'll also need to lengthen the grey wire from the turn signal switch - it should be hanging just below the steering column under the dash, and should have a blue butt connector already attached.

Returning our attention to the wires from the dipper switch: connect the double red wire to terminal "56A" (one goes to the headlights, the other to the high beam indicator on the dash). Now connect the grey wire to "56B" and the yellow wire to "56." That's it.

Reconnect the battery and you're back on the road. When the lights are on, pulling on the turn signal switch will toggle between Lo and Hi beams, and when the light are off, activating the switch will flash the hi beams momentarily.

Headlamp Relay

This is the standard headlamp step relay (high beam flash) used on used on many Volvos from 67-93. It is also a popular upgrade on earlier cars for removing the US market foot switch that was standard equipment in the day.
Headlamp step relay

Protocol Fog Light Kit

Protocol's advance high output fog light system offers great performance and quality at an affordable price. Protocol's unique SuperX multi surface kaleidoscope optic reflector increases light output while lowering the bulb temp. This results in greater light output, and longer bulb life. Protocol's all metal body design insures a long life of maintenance free operation. Protocol's fog light s systems offer a sharper & brighter super blue light similar to HID that can be seen for miles. Protocol's fog light system is CAD design and ECE certified.

  • Rugged Die Cast Aluminum Housings
  • Advanced Multi-surface reflector
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • Bright Blue LED Park Light Feature
  • H3 55watt halogen bulbs included

Each Kit includes

  • 2 lamp assemblies
  • 2 mounting brackets
  • Wiring harness & Relay
  • 3 way illuminated switch assembly

We got a great deal on these nice compact lights that are small enough for easy mounting, while still putting out lots of good useable light. You'll find these kits selling for as much as $100 on other sites, but we are blowing them out at this super low closeout price just in time for your winter driving needs while stock on hand lasts!

Protocol Fog Light Kit - Universal - All Models

*Lamps are approximately 4" wide by 4" deep by 2" tall.

Hella Halogen Headlamps

If you’re still using regular sealed beam headlamps – you’re driving in the dark! Hella® halogen headlamp replacements can really shine some light on safer night-time driving. These state-of-the-art lamps utilize laser tested optics to far outshine ordinary lamps while reducing glare both to you and oncoming traffic.

In the lab, on the race track and on the road, these outstanding lamps have proven their worth over and over. They’re made to the most exacting specifications using only top quality materials and the latest technology. Metal stamped (not molded) reflectors, fine lead crystal lenses, and halogen bulbs in heat compensating holders.

If you drive at night, you know that most hazards pop up unexpectedly from the sides of the road. Hella halogen lamps give you the edge in avoiding trouble with vastly improved light distribution—straight ahead and to the sides. The difference is amazing, and in some situations, critical.

Halogen Headlamp - all models 1962-1970 - 7" round - Dual filament bulb (hi/low)

Halogen Bulbs

We’ve wanted halogen brake/tail light bulbs for as long as we’ve had the halogen reverse bulbs. Our new lighting supplier has made these available to us only very recently and is also providing an improved halogen reverse bulb. They’re noticeably brighter than the standard bulbs (which we also supply) and competetively priced! This is a direct replacement bulb that requires no modifications.
Brake / tail bulb (1157)
Reverse bulb (1156) 30 watt

Sale pricing valid from Friday, January 15, 2010 through Friday, March 05, 2010

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