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Rear Wheel Drive Newsletter January 2010

Page 6: Adjustable Torque Rods, Panhard Rods, Truss and Chassis Braces,

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Sale pricing valid from Friday, January 15, 2010 through Friday, March 05, 2010

Adjustable Torque Rods

Torque rods are one of the most highly stressed components in the rear drive train. Heavy acceleration and vehicles with higher than stock performance have been known to bend and in some cases break the factory torque rods. Our new heavy duty torque rods adjust to fit the three different lengths found on the 200 series throughout production.

For vehicles with modified ride height, the adjustability of the torque rod can bring the driveline angle into spec by rotating the differential back to its original orientation. Great for vehicles with a one-piece driveline.

Each rotation provides a length change of 0.100 inches. Kit includes a pair of torque rods with polyurethane bushings and inner sleeves. Assembled and ready to bolt on.

240 series - all

Adjustable Panhard Rods

Bringing your rear axle back into alignment is now within your reach with ipd’s adjustable panhard rods.

Adjustable panhard rods allow for lateral location of the axle from left to right. This can be very useful for vehicles with modified ride height that causes the axle to shift to one side.

240 series - 1975-93

700 series non-IRS - 1983-92

940 series non-IRS - 1991-95

Truss Design Brace Kits by Cherry Turbo

Incredibly strong trussed and triangulated chassis brace kits for 240, 700 and 940 series Volvos. They are generally recognized by Volvo performance enthusiasts as the most effective at eliminating unwanted chassis flex. Constructed of cold rolled steel and powder coated for extremely high strength and a superior finish. For best results, you should install the upper and lower braces, as they are designed as a system.

A. Upper Brace (top) B. Lower Brace (bottom) C. Upper brace (top) D. Lower Brace (bottom)

A. 240 series upper brace (1)
$169.95106019CHERRY TURBOS
B. 240 series lower brace (2)
$79.95106020CHERRY TURBOS
A/B. 240 series upper/lower kit (1)(2)
C. 700, 940 series upper brace
$169.95105658CHERRY TURBOS
D. 700, 940 series lower brace
$99.95105659CHERRY TURBOS
C/D. 700, 940 series upper/lower kit
(1) The upper 240 brace will not fit on cars with the early “flat” style hood (1975-81). Call for details or visit our website.(2) Lower brace may require drilling.

Factory Reproduction Chassis Braces

Volvo has offered chassis braces on some GT and European performance models in the past, and we have reproduced them for the budget-minded enthusiast. Simple firewall-to-strut housing braces and lower tie bars work to effectively reduce unwanted flex and improve handling response. Easy installation in about 30 minutes with common hand tools and included hardware and instructions.
A. 700 Lower Chasss Brace B. 240 Lower Chassis Tie Bars C. 240 Upper Tie Bars

A. 700, 940 series - up to 1995 - lower chassis brace
B. 240 series - All - lower chassis tie bars
C. 240, 260 series - 1979-93 - upper tie bars

Sale pricing valid from Friday, January 15, 2010 through Friday, March 05, 2010

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