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Rear Wheel Drive Newsletter January 2010

Page 2: Cameron's 245 Build Update, Photo Contest Results

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To see more on Camerons build check out his employee page

At last update, the new motor/trans combo had been installed into the car. It’s still there, and is now bearing the fruit of my (and some friends!) labor. With the transmission in place I was able to sort out the shifter solution for the Getrag transmission with a cool little kit from the guys over at R-Sport. They modified the Volvo shifter cage and shift selector to work with the Getrag. As a result I can still use my original Volvo M46 transmission shifter to control the BMW Getrag 5 speed! Cool!

Another big project I tackled since the last update has been rewiring the engine for use with the LINK G3 engine management system. Since the old motor was run by Volvos KJet fuel system and Volvo ignition system, I could get rid of all that. Additionally as I’m now using the Getrag transmission I was able to get rid of all the wiring for the M46 overdrive system. In my endless quest for tidiness and a really clean install, I removed all the now unneeded wiring from the car completely – all the way back to the fuse box. The result was a weight loss of about 5 pounds of wiring from the car! You’d be amazed how much wiring is required to run even the most basic of engine control systems.

With all the old wiring and controls now out of the way I went ahead with wiring up the LINK G3. I think I stared at wiring diagrams until my eyes went crossed. With proper preparation ahead of time I was able to order all the wiring connectors I’d need for all the sensors, injectors, etc and build quite a bit of the new harness in advance. I also built a base plate to mount the LINK ECU along with the associated power distribution block and new control relays that will be installed into the passenger side footwell out of sight.

With the motor in place and the vast majority of the wiring in the engine bay completed I started work on finishing up the new intercooler mounting. On a related note, I also made a change in the route I was planning on taking for the intake manifold (what’s a project without some changes, right?!). Josh at Yoshifab (www.yoshifab.com) modified a stock B234 intake manifold to work in my 240. He fabricated a new plenum for the manifold and also relocated the throttle body flange to the front. No more issues with brake master cylinder and throttle body interference! An added bonus is that he built the new manifold to accept the larger throttle body from a 960 model Volvo. With the new manifold mounted I was able to finish the intercooler piping. I’m very happy with how it came out and it tucks out of the way very nicely.

Next on the list is putting the final touches on the wiring, sorting out the individual coil on plug ignition system and building an exhaust system for it. After that, it’s time to cross my fingers and turn the key. I can’t wait to hear it roar to life!

To see more on Camerons build check out his employee page

2009 Photo Contest Results are in!

Each year the photo contest brings in an amazing array of great photos of beautiful Swedish steel. This year was no exception! Picking finalists this year was a very tough process and there were many more we would have loved to include. There were lots of great examples but a few did stand out from the crowd in each category. This year was also the first year you, our wonderful customers, picked the winners! The voting was pretty heated in each category and there were over 14,000 votes cast overall. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all that submitted photos and voted!

Grand Prize Winner - Jack Connolly 1966 1800

Front Wheel Drive Category Winner - Kevin Verheuge 2006 C30

Rear Wheel Drive Category Winner - Matthew Boumeester 1983 240

Vintage Category Winner - Keith Gallegos 1967 122s

Sale pricing valid from Friday, January 15, 2010 through Friday, March 05, 2010

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