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Rear Wheel Drive - Winter Car Care

Page 5: Battery Accessories

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Sale pricing valid from Thursday, December 31, 2009 through Friday, February 12, 2010

Disconnect Switch

If you’re looking for an inexpensive solution to battery troubles, give our battery quick disconnect switch a try. With the simple 360¡ twist of a knob, the electrical system is disconnected. This will prevent battery drain in vehicles that sit for a week or longer. Just turn off the battery with the disconnect switch. Easily attaches to the negative (-) post of your battery for safe performance. Rated for 100 amps.

Battery disconnect switch

Battery Pal

Whether your Volvo sits for weeks or months between drives, we’ve got a couple of different options to keep your battery fresh and ready to go when you are.

Our Battery Pal uses a feedback circuit to sense when your battery drops from full charge and furnishes just enough energy to recharge it. No overcharges. Eight-foot cord plugs into standard 110 volt outlet. Also great for boats, cycles and snowmobiles. Won’t charge a completely dead battery.

Battery Pal

Battery Accessories

When replacing the battery cable is not an option, use these high-quality cable end clamps. The price of the original Volvo battery cable is high. So, when the cable end is broken or corroded away, you need to either replace the entire cable or find a good connector. Finding that quality connector can be a problem when replacement is needed. This connector has a hidden allen set screw that is tightened from below. It looks like a factory cable end when installed.

While removing the terminals for repair, replace or install the color-coded anti-corrosion rings. Red for positive and green for ground make connecting test leads and jumper cables quick and identifying them easy. They also prevent battery acid from corroding the terminals. For the best possible contact between the post and terminal, clean the post and cable with the wire brush tool.

A. Cable end terminal repair
B. Anti-corrosion terminal rings
C. Battery post and terminal cleaner tool

240 Replacement Battery Tray and Clamp Mount Screw

The metal battery tray is subjected to acid from the battery. The acid attacks the metal, and, over time, eats its way right through the tray. The threaded hold-down can lose its hold, and this can leave the battery hanging by the terminal wires. Replace the tray and get the hold-down clip and four included mounting bolts to bring the tray back to its original condition. Clamp mount screw sold separately.

The anti-corrosion battery mat helps protect the battery tray and surrounding areas from acid spills with this absorbent battery tray mat. Cut to fit and place under the battery for protection against battery acid.

The mat traps the acid and the powerful neutralizing agents start to work immediately to counteract the effects of the acid.

The mats are 8” X 12,” so they will fit under most batteries except the diesel, which will require two.

A. Battery tray & clamp
B. Battery mat
C. Clamp mount screw

Sale pricing valid from Thursday, December 31, 2009 through Friday, February 12, 2010

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