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RWD Newsletter November 2009

Page 2: Top 10 Problems with 700/900 series Volvos

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Top 10 Problems with 200 Series Volvos

In a recent previous issue of The Brick, we highlighted the top 10 list of problems with the 200 series Volvo's. If you'd like to take a look at that list click here.

Top 10 Problems with 700/900 Series Volvos

by Ken Pruett - ipd customer service representative

Failed Blower motor

Yes we know that your blower motor is full of rust, squeals at low speeds and doesn’t want to start on cold mornings. While you’re bolting in the new motor, ask yourself why. Remove the wiper arms, lift the hood and remove the fasteners along the front edge of the cowl. Lift up the cowl and check to see if the plastic rain diverter is still covering the air intake, or if rain is falling directly into the climate control system. Also get some wire and make sure the drains at the bottom of both sides (at the pinch seam) are still open. This is hard on blower motors (since that is the lowest place in the box) and it’s a really good way to grow mold, mildew and bacteria then spray it around your car.

700 series - 1983-87 - blower motor(1)
700, 900 series - 1989-95 - blower motor(2)
(1) - 5 mounting screw style.(2) - 3 mounting screw style. Not for use with automatic climate control.

My AC shuts off when I accelerateAll of the air routing in the climate control system is controlled with vacuum solenoids. Since a turbo car does not always generate vacuum, you must have a reservoir and a check valve in the system. If your check valve fails, or your vacuum leaks become too large and overrun your storage canister, the vents will all return to their rest positions every time you make boost for more than a few seconds. If the check valve is bad enough, the vents will actually slam shut every time you make boost.

200, 700, 900 series - climate control check valve

Car pulls under braking, but is not consistentThe radius rod bushings in these cars are one of the notorious weak links. Volvo has actually changed the design of these bushings several times since the car was built. If these bushings are loose (and all of them are in some amount) the caster (and the camber and toe to a lesser degree) will change every time you apply brake pressure. This makes the steering feel dramatically different depending on acceleration or deceleration. We offer the latest factory design or a polyurethane performance alternative.


A. Bushing Kit Strut Rod - 700/900 series - Polyurethane 4 bushings (includes 2 bolts, sleeves & threadlocker)
B. Bushing Kit Strut Rod - 700/900 series - Rubber, 4 bushings (includes 4 washers)

My Headliner is falling downThis is unsightly, embarrassing and frequently causes your hair to stand up from static charge. The headliner tray is a single piece composite assembly. Foam backed fabric was glued to the tray to achieve the appropriate luxurious feel and sound suppression. As these cars have aged, the foam layer between the cloth and the composite tray has gradually turned to orange-ish dust. This not only allows the cloth to sag, but has the eerie side benefit of giving you that orange dandruff look. This would be VERY expensive to repair at the upholstery shop, but the instructions are posted online for you adventurous types to take a look.

700 wagons with sunroof - 12 ft.
700 sedans w/o sunroof - 6 ft.
700 sedans with sunroof - 9 ft.

Random overdrive function (auto trans)

This has always been one of the irritating traits of these old tanks. But, with the escalating price of fuel, overdrive has become a necessity. If the OD function is completely random, it is likely the relay. If you question your electrical skills, or you just don’t care about the button, our solenoid bypass kit could be the answer to all your problems (at least the problems with the overdrive).

Automatic Transmission Overdrid Solenoid Bypass Plate
200, 700, 900 - 1983-95 - OD solenoid bypass plate
Overdrive Relay
A. 200, 700 series - 1981-84 - OD relay (orange)
B. 740, 760 series - 1983-90 - OD push button
C. 700, 900 series - 1985-95* - OD relay (white)
*Fits most 700 and 900 models. Call for details.

Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, November 18, 2009 through Friday, January 15, 2010

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