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Celebrate Car Care Month with ipd - Rear Wheel Drive Models

Page 3: Glass Wipes, Spot Prep Pen, Langka Paint Chip Finisher, Auto Magic Products, Stoner Car Care Products

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Sale pricing valid from Sunday, October 18, 2009 through Monday, November 30, 2009

Glass Wipes

Glass Wipes 25 Count Pack

  • Glass cleaner towelette

  • Keep in your car, truck, boat or RV to keep windows and mirrors sparkling clean and clear.
Glass cleaner wipes

Spot Prep Pen

The Spot Prep Pen quickly scrubs away rust, wax, oxidation, and road film to prepare for a long lasting touch-up - like no other tool can. Over 20,000 glass fibers in the pen point clean out your paint chips, in prepping for paint.

Spot Prep Pen scuffs and deglosses paint in hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for auto detailing, cleaning aluminum, screw heads, crevices and grooves.

Spot prep pen

Langka Paint Chip Finisher

Do Paint Chips Drive You Crazy? Do you avoid touching up chips on your Volvos paint because your repair usually looks worse than the chip? ipd now sells a product made by Langka (the originator of touch up paint finishing) that makes it easy for the do it yourselfer to achieve professional results.

Simply blob on your touch up paint to fill the chip until you have built a solid base (available for under $10.00 from ipd). Once your touch up paint has dried (usually about 90 minutes) apply a small amount of Langka to a clean towel and use the provided polishing tool to smooth out your touch up making the paint chip nearly disappear.

Langka paint chip finisher

Auto Magic Products

A couple of times a year we have our project Volvos detailed for special events. We asked our detailer what products he used, as his work was always impressive. He said he buys the products in bulk from aæcompany that supplies most of the high-end car dealerships in the area, including Ferrari, Acura, Jaguar, BMW, and Mercedes. Now you can get these same commercial detailing products for use on your own car. These products significantly outperform traditional retail car cleaners and polishes. You'll really notice the difference!

Click here for the full line of Auto Magic Products.

Stoner Car Care Products

Four of Stoner's most popular cleaners come together in this four-piece car care kit.

More Shine Less Time: The fast, easy way to make dull, faded tires look new. No rubbing or wiping - Just spray and walk away. Doesn't foam, drip or streak. Lasts longer on your tires.

Invisible Glass: Cleans glass so well you'll think it's invisible. Amazing no-residue formula doesn't streak or haze. Quickly cleans difficult grime from glass surfaces.

Trim Shine: The fast and easy way to restore shine and color to dull or faded vinyl, plastic and rubber. Needs to wiping. Just wpray on exterior or interior surfaces. Protects trim from UV sunlight and environmental damage.

Speed Bead: One-step quick wax sprays on fast. Wipes off easy. Cleans, shines, and protects auto finishes. Removes oxidation, bugs, and road grime. Gives long-lasting protection and water beading.

Stoner 4 Piece Car Care Kit
Stoner 15 Piece Car Care Kit

Click here for the full line of Stoner products.

Sale pricing valid from Sunday, October 18, 2009 through Monday, November 30, 2009

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