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Celebrate Car Care Month with ipd - Rear Wheel Drive Models

Page 2: ipd Approved Cleaning Products!

Orders placed through our website will automatically receive any discount pricing associated with this promotion.
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Sale pricing valid from Sunday, October 18, 2009 through Monday, November 30, 2009

Full Line of Cleaning Products

Have you ever wondered why your car drives better when it’s clean? Our cars like to shine as much as we do! ipd offers a full line of cleaning products to help dress up the interior and exterior of your Volvo. Many of our products help protect harmful debris that can attack your car’s paint and interior. ipd has a full lineup of products that have been tested and proven by our very own staff. Now’s the time to protect your Swedish treasure before the weather takes a turn for the worst!

Vinylex Protectant

From the makers of Lexol! This exceptional product cleans, shines and protects vinyl, rubber, and plastic in the interior, and vinyl, bumpers and tires on the exterior.

After you’re through with your Volvo, take it indoors and use it on your luggage and golf bag, too. Contains a special UV inhibitor to protect against fading, cracking and drying caused by ozone, smog and the sun’s damaging rays. Restores vinyl and plastic surfaces to original luster.

16.9 oz. trigger spray bottle
Vinylex Quick wipes (25 pack)

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

PH balanced Lexol¨ gently and thoroughly foams away embedded dirt then rinses away easier than saddle soap. Follow up with Lexol conditioner while leather is still damp.

A must for classic interiors. Keeps new leather newer longer. Large trigger spray container for easy use!

Lexol Leather Cleaner (16.9oz)
Lexol Leather Conditioner (16.9oz)
Lexol Application sponges (2 in pkg)

Clay Paint Cleaner

Any car parked outside, even for a short time, is subject to gathering all kinds of contaminants on the paint. Most can be removed by washing but some become embedded in the finish. Industrial fallout, the misting of tree sap, and a variety of other things become attached to your paint. Now this "debris" can be removed safely and easily. It may sound unusual at first, but this clay cleaner soaks up these contaminants, safely removing them without scratching. Just spray the lubricant on a clean surface and gently slide the clay around - picking up all the gunk and leaving a super smooth and clean finish. It's fast and easy. For ultimate detailing, follow-up with a polish like Astroshield or EZ paste wax for future protection.

Clay paint cleaner kit

Sale pricing valid from Sunday, October 18, 2009 through Monday, November 30, 2009

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