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FWD Newsletter September 2009

Page 4: Fuel Filters, Bosch Tune Up Kits, Spark Plugs

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Sale pricing valid from Thursday, October 01, 2009 through Friday, November 13, 2009

Bosch Original Equipment Fuel Filters

Changing the fuel filter in front wheel drive Volvos is pretty easy due to the use of quick disconnect style fittings. Simply slide the connector collar away from the filter about half an inch and the line will disconnect. Volvo has added a schraeder type valve (like a tire valve stem) that allows line pressure to be bled off to help reduce the amount of fuel that is spilled.

850 - 1993-1997
S70, V70 - 1998-2000
C70 - 1998-2005
S40, V40 - 2000 - 5-1/4” filter
S40, V40 - 2001-04 - 3-1/4” filter
S60R, V70R - 2004-2007
$39.73114200VOLVO OE
S60 - 2001 up to chassis #18763 - 5-1/4” filter
S60 - 2002-2009 - 3-1/4” filter
V70, XC70 - 2001 need to verify chassis number - - -
V70, XC70 - 2002-2006 - 3-1/4” filter
S80 - 1999-2000 - 5-1/4” filter
S80 - 2002-2006 - 3-1/4” filter

Bosch Tune-Up Kits

Better fuel economy and increased performance are two of the immediate results you’ll witness after tuning-up your Volvo. It pays to give your Swede a fresh tune-up after 30K miles. To make tune-up time easier on you, we’ve gathered everything you need in one convenient package: kits include Bosch distributor cap, rotor, and spark plugs. These quality parts include all-copper conductors rather than the inferior tin found in many aftermarket pieces.
850, 70 series (non-turbo) - 1993-98 - tune-up kit w/standard spark plugs
850, 70 series (turbo models) - 1993-98 - tune-up kit w/platinum spark plugs
850, 70 series (non-turbo) - 1993-98 - tune-up kit w/Iridium spark plugs
850, 70 series (turbo models) - 1993-98 - tune-up kit w/ Iridium spark plugs
Note: 1999 and newer Volvos do not have distributor caps, rotors or spark plug wires, but they do still have spark plugs!

Volvo Spark Plug Kits

ipd offers Volvo premium quality spark plugs at a reasonable price.

Volvo repackages NGK Iridium, Bosch Yttrium and Denso plugs specifically engineered for each application.

Most Volvo technicians won't use anything else.

Click here for our Volvo spark plug kit listings.

Bosch Super Copper Core Plugs

Heavy-duty copper core center electrode delivers superior durability and reliability. Nickel chromium ground electrode means consistent performance and prolonged service life. Nickel-plated rolled threads mean complete anti-seize and corrosion protection. Metal glass-fused center electrode seal prevents combustion leakage. Angular, five-ribbed insulator design prevents misfire due to current leakage.

Click here for our Bosch Copper Core spark plug listings

Bosch Platinum Plugs

Only Bosch uses a pure platinum center electrode, heat-fused into an extended insulator which reaches self-cleaning temperature only seconds after starting. Electrode gap remains virtually unchanged throughout the plug’s longer service life; no need to clean or re-gap. Heavy-duty tapered ground electrode means extended service life, reduced electrode temperature, and improved access to air/fuel mixture. Lower ignition voltage requirement vs. other plug designs delivers reliable cold weather starts and superior operation under all driving conditions.

Click here for our Bosch Platinum spark plug listings

Denso Iridium Spark Plugs

Denso Iridium plugs are serious power and performance for even the most serious of performance minded customers. Pure Iridium has a melting point of almost 700ºC higher than platinum and better withstands overheating, detonation, and oxidation wear. Denso Iridium plugs are combined with Rhodium for superior heat resistance and response. With high power and high heat turbo engines, you need all the help you can battling heat and detonation. Bring in a ringer with Denso Iridium plugs.

Click here for our Denso Iridium spark plug listings

Sale pricing valid from Thursday, October 01, 2009 through Friday, November 13, 2009

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