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RWD Newsletter September 2009

Page 10: Flame Trap Relocation Kits, Flame Trap Parts

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Sale pricing valid from Thursday, October 01, 2009 through Friday, November 13, 2009

Flame Trap Relocation Kits

A. B.
Volvo uses a small, in-line filter to manage positive crankcase ventilation on their 4 cylinder engines. The ventilation system incorporates a small flame trap filter to protect against possible crankcase explosions due to a backfire. This filter is overlooked in most workshop manuals, and, without periodic maintenance, it will plug up with oil deposits and cause excessive crankcase pressure, which, in turn, will cause significant oil leaks all over the engine. An additional contributor to this problem is the fact that on these models, the filter and filter holder are buried below the intake manifold and are pretty tough to access (see photo 1).

Beginning with 1988 models, the filter was relocated above the intake manifold for easy access. Our kit includes everything you need to convert your Volvo to the new configuration, including detailed instructions. This turns a job that can take up to an hour on some models into a 5-minute service. We recommend checking the flame trap condition at every oil change. Please note that it is possible for the crankcase ventilation box mounted on the engine block to be plugged up in rare cases. We have these available as well.

Flame Trap Relocation Kits for Easy Access

A. 240 series 1981-82 K-jet

B. 240, 700 series 1982-87 LH-jet

Flame Trap, Hose and Holder Kits (original configuration)

240 series 1976-80

240, 700 series 1981-87

200, 700, 900 series 1988-95

Flame Trap Parts

When servicing the flame trap system we generally recommend that you use one of our handy flame trap kits, as most of the parts will be in pretty rough shape and often crack upon disassembly due to the harsh conditions they are subject to. However, if you do need a single part or two, we also offer the parts below individually. Please note that these parts do not fit any V6 engines. Flame trap insert not used on turbo models.

Please click below for helpful exploded view diagrams to make sure you get the right parts.For 1981-1987 240 models click hereFor 1988-93 240 models click here

Flame Trap System Parts

240 series 1976-80 plastic housing

240, 700, 940 series non-turbo all flame trap

240 series 1976-80 hose to valve cover

240, 700 series non-turbo 1981-87 plastic housing

240, 740, 940 series 1981-95 flame trap (not on turbo)

240, 740 series 1981-87 hose to breather box

240, 740 series 1988-95 hose 5mm - sold by the inch

240 series 1988-95 breather hose

240, 740, 940 series 1988-95 flame trap holder

240, 740, 940 series 1988-95 flame trap hose

240, 740 series 1981-87 crank case ventilation box mounted on engine block
$53.25101936VOLVO OE

240, 740, 940 series 1988-95 crank case ventilation box mounted on engine block

240, 740, 940 series 1979-93 crank case ventilation box hose

240, 700, 900 series all crank case ventilation box o-ring

240 series turbo 1981-85 turbo crank case vent hose routed over cam cover

Sale pricing valid from Thursday, October 01, 2009 through Friday, November 13, 2009

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