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RWD Newsletter September 2009

Page 2: Tune Up Kits, Extended Service Kits

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Sale pricing valid from Thursday, October 01, 2009 through Friday, November 13, 2009

Tune ups

When most of us think of tuning up our cars we think about the basics. Plugs, cap, rotor and maybe wires and filters. Done, right? Well, that depends on your definition of done.

There are many parts in our Volvos that need to be serviced. Some come up frequently like oil changes and some span a much larger mileage interval like differential fluid changes and timing belt jobs. In the larger scheme of things they are all important and all need to be done in the manner recommended by Volvo. While Volvos are rugged and tough, they will wear out eventually but proper servicing and maintenance of ALL the parts on the car will do wonders for the long term health of your Volvo.

In this newsletter we’ll be dipping a bit further into the maintenance bin for tuning up your car for the long haul and featuring some products that are often overlooked, but that are integral to proper functioning of the fuel delivery, ignition system, and drivetrain of your brick.

Tune up Time? Do it Right!

The first step to a well-balanced relationship between car and driver is a tune-up kit from ipd. Utilizing original equipment Bosch components where applicable for the best in quality and value, our tune-up kits offer the ideal platform for efficient performance. For those considering a complete service makeover, our 60,000-mile extended service kits offer the necessary components for a complete service of the engine and drivetrain on your Volvo. All of the parts in our kits are OEM quality for the best in performance and fitment. For more information on ipd tune-up kits, their applications, or additional maintenance advice, give us a call.

Bosch Tune-up Kits Includes distributor cap, rotor and spark plugs.

240 series B21F 1976-83
240 series B230F 1985-93
240 series (white cap) B21MPG, B23F 1981-84
240 series turbo, GLT B21FT, B23E 1981-85
240 series B23F 1983-84
740, 940 series** B230F (cam driven) 1985-95
700, 900 series B230FT (cam driven) 1985-95
700 series B23FT 1984
**Rex-Regina cars will require a different coil wire (#MT6842734).

Bosch Extended Service Kits (60,000 mile service)

Includes rotor, cap, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, ignition wire kit, timing belt, flame trap, differential gasket, oil drain plug, injector seals, and fuel filter seals on models where needed.

240 series B21 1981-82
240 series B230 1985-92*
240 series B21FT 1981-85
240 series B23F, B230 1983-84
700, 940 series B230 1985-92 (cam drvn dist)
700, 940 series B230FT 1985-92 (cam drvn dist)
700, 940 series B230 1993-95 (cam drvn dist)
**Rex-Regina cars will require a different coil wire (#6842734). *NOTE: Two distributor shaft sizes were used on 1985 240 non B230 turbo engine models. you’ll have to measure the shaft OD or the rotor ID to ensure you get the correct rotor. If you measure 3/8” / .400” use tune up kit number IK114(X) (rotor #04170). For 9/16” / .565 use kit number IK116(X) (rotor # 04138).

Sale pricing valid from Thursday, October 01, 2009 through Friday, November 13, 2009

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