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FWD Newsletter August 2009

Page 5: Engine and Transmission Mounts, Engine Stabilizer Mounts

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Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, August 05, 2009 through Friday, October 02, 2009

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Longitudinal Transmission Mount

Most front wheel drive and all wheel drive Volvos utilize a link style transmission mount installed between the transmission and the engine subframe. This mount is designed to limit the twisting torque of the power train under acceleration. The mount has two bushings in it and the larger of the two bushings is very soft and prone to premature failure, which allows the engine and transmission to over torque, stressing other mounts and noticeably reducing performance and shifting smoothness. We have developed an effective economical solution that replaces the large hi void area rubber bushing with a heavy duty full polyurethane bushing. The upgrade is available as a kit (A) that allows you to replace the faulty bushing or as a complete assembled unit (B) for those of you who prefer a direct bolt on part. Pressing out the original bushing is pretty easy and can be done with a medium size vice and hammer. A press is not required. Replacing the complete part takes about 30 minutes with common hand tools, add an addition l5 minutes if you are pressing the new bushing into your original hardware. Instructions are included.

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Longitudinal Transmission Mount (Complete)

1993-1997 850 FWD models1998-2000 S70 & V70 FWD models1998-2005 C70 all models2001-2007 S60 and V70 all models2003-2007 XC90 all 5 cyl. models

Complete new assembly with poly bushing upgrade

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Longitudinal Transmission Mount Bushing Upgrade

1993-1997 8501998-2000 S70 & V701998-2005 C70 2001-2007 V702001-2009 S601999-2006 S80 5 cylinder models2003-2007 XC90 all 5 cylinder models

Insert bushing upgrade

HD Polyurethane Engine Stabilizer Mounts

This mount is located near the top of the engine on the back side just to the right of center, connecting the engine to the firewall. The original mount requires a special Volvo press tool for installation. Our improved polyurethane material is stronger (we warranty it for life) and the 2-piece design allows for easy installation without special tools. The original mount was covered under the basic Volvo warranty, however we have heard from customers that have had the original rubber mount replaced several times. Our HD replacement can be installed in about 30 minutes with common hand tools.

850, S70, V70, C70 (for steel bracket) * - 1993-1999
S70, V70 (for aluminum bracket) - 1999-2000
C70 series (for aluminum bracket) - 1999-2006
* NOTE: Some 1999 models have an aluminum bracket and use 2B1880.

2001 and newer models need to be inspected to see which style mount is currently equipped on the vehicle. This is a common failure item and Volvo dealers have been replacing the round style mount with a square style. Most 2005 and newer models came from the factory with the square style mount and will need to replace the entire aluminum mount housing to gain the benifits of our poly mount.

V70, XC70 - Round mount style - 2001-2007
S60 - Round mount style - 2001-2009
S80 5 cylinder - Round mount style - 1999-2006
XC90 5 cylinder - Round mount style - 2003-2009
Refurbished round bracket with poly bushing * -

* Most 2005 models and all 2006-2007 models with 5 cylinder engines use a square style upper engine mount. If you have the square style mount and would like to upgrade to the ipd heavy duty mount you need ipd part 2B1885. This kit includes our HD poly mount with round mounting bracket assembly. Please note that some of the 2001-2004 models will also have the square mount if the mount has recently been replaced under warranty or a new mount was purchased from you Volvo dealer. Recently, the round style was superseded to the square style by Volvo.

We also have the stock rubber square style mount available. (click link to shop.)

Disclaimer: These polyurethane bushings are firmer than the stock rubber parts they replace and can transmit additional vibration in some cases. Especially if the motor mounts and or transmission mounts are worn. When you replace the worn out rubber mount, now much of the load is supported by the new stiffer bushing and this can often lead to unwanted vibration, especially at idle on models equipped with automatic transmissions. It’s important to make sure that your other mounts are in good condition to avoid unwanted vibration.

Engine Mounts

Replace worn or broken mounts early to prevent vibrations that will wear other parts and cause degradation to ride quality.

Due to the many variables and chassis number breaks, please check our website for a diagram that will assist you in ordering the correct mount.

Click your model for details.

1993-1997 8502001-2009 S601998-2000 S70, V702001-2007 V70 & XC701998-2005 C702003-2009 XC901999-2006 S80

Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, August 05, 2009 through Friday, October 02, 2009

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