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Rear Wheel Drive Newsletter - August 2009

Page 4: Air fuel ratio, Boost actuator, 25 PSI boost gauge and pod, 3 gauge pod

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Sale pricing valid from Friday, August 14, 2009 through Friday, October 02, 2009

Air Fuel Ratio Meter

When making engine modifications to your Volvo you can make fine-tuning safer by monitoring the air fuel ratio.Most people don’t realize there is an analysis tool already on their car and all you need is a way to read and interpret the information - the oxygen sensor. You can check your modification and know what adjustments are needed for the most reliable power. The oxygen sensor constantly monitors the lean or rich condition of the engine. The most power is had at slightly rich mixture. This air fuel ratio meter is easily installed in line to the oxygen sensor and gives easily interpreted mixture ratio information with LED lights which flash from lean to rich. If you have a turbo and are tempted to up the boost this is a must have so that you don’t melt the pistons. Great for monitoring fuel economy as well.
Air fuel ratio meter

Boost Actuator

ipd’s boost actuator endows the factory turbo with a more solid boost response while ensuring boost is maintained at a preset level, resulting in increased torque and hp. Where the factory actuator drops boost as the revs rise, the ipd actuator delivers constant boost all the way to redline. An extremely safe, reliable and effective means of raising your boost level. Fits Garrett series turbos for 200/700/900 intercooled models.

Boost acutator for Garret turbos only

25 PSI Boost Gauge & Pod

Adding an accurate boost gauge to your 200, 700 or 900 series Volvo is the best way to monitor turbo performance and the effect of tuning on boost levels. For the 200 series the VDO vacuum-boost gauge is a close match to the factory gauge face, offers a 25 psi max boost level, and easily replaces the factory dash mounted gauge. Dash space on the 700 and 900 series is at a premium, so we recommend the use of our A-pillar pod mounts.

VDO Boost gauge only
Pod only 700, 900 series
Tubing kit (required for proper installation)
No pod available for the 200 series.

3 Gauge Pod

Like to know what’s going on under the hood? Keep an eye on boost pressure, oil temp, trans temp, coolant tem, air fuel ratio, exhaust gas temp or just about anything you would want to monitor and can find a standard 52mm (2 1/8”) gauge to fit. Custom molded 3 gauge pod lets you monitor your gauges at a glance without being an obstruction to your view. Available in black ABS finish.

700,900 pillar pod

Sale pricing valid from Friday, August 14, 2009 through Friday, October 02, 2009

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