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FWD Newlsetter June 2009

Page 9: NEW! Hands-free Bluetooth Adapter

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Sale pricing valid from Friday, June 12, 2009 through Saturday, July 25, 2009

Handsfree Bluetooth Adapter

We don’t normally offer mobile electronics unless it’s Volvo specific such as our ipod adapters, but once in awhile a product comes along that is so revolutionary that we want to make our customers aware of it especially when it is safety related.

As states finally begin enforcing laws prohibiting the use of mobile phones while driving we saw a need for a quality hands free device.

We have been testing hands free devices over the past 6 months and none provided acceptable performance in our opinion. We specifically focused on ease of use and audio quality.

This spring we finally found a solution that meets our standards.

It’s very simple to use and provides excellent audio performance. It also has some very innovative functions that we’d like to show you.

First, it’s very small and has an attractive appearance that goes well with Volvos conservative interiors.

The audio quality is very good. We tested 5 of the top selling hands free devices on the market and this one provided the best audio performance for both users.

Most importantly our hands free device has an integrated function that automatically pulls the contacts from your mobile phone via Bluetooth and converts them to voice tags, even if the phone itself does not support voice tagging. From a safety aspect, this is the most important feature. It allows you to make and receive calls without having to touch your phone or take your eyes off the road.

If you have an iPhone, this solves one of the biggest complaints of iPhone users - no voice dialing! Most other phones with voice dialing still require you to look at the phone and press a series of buttons to initiate the voice dialing mode, but that is not necessary with our hands free device.

Here are some sound clip samples of different bluetooth adapters for comparisin. (Click icon to play sound)
iPhone speaker
ipd Bluetooth Adapter
Bluepower Head Unit
Contour Surface bluetooth adapter
Yada bluetooth headset
Yada rear view mirror bluetooth adapter

Intuitive Operation

When you enter your vehicle, simply press the red button for 2 seconds to turn the device on. Each time it’s turned on, it automatically re-syncs and updates your contacts so it’s always up to date. Re- synching takes 5-30 seconds depending on how many contacts you have. If you’ve been away from your car for 30 minutes or less, the device will re-connect automatically.

Press the green button to initiate voice dialing, the unit will ask “ Who do you want to call?” and you simply speak the persons name as it is entered into your contacts and the device will make the association and make the call.

If you have more than one phone number stored for a contact, the device will ask you which number you wish to dial. (Home, mobile, work etc) or you can also instruct the device to call a particular number, such as "Chris Mobile" etc.

To redial the last number called - Press and hold the green button for 2 seconds.

To toggle calls from hands free conversation to your phone or form phone to hands free device, simply press the green button once.

To accept a second incoming call while in a conversation, simply press the green button to toggle between calls. To end one of the calls, press the red button.

To reject an incoming call, press the red button.

Battery life is approximately 10 hours of continuous talk or 20 days in standby mode.

The device can be paired to 5 different phones and a total of 2500 contacts so it will handle most households for cars that may have multiple drivers.

Video Demonstrations
Powering up bluetooth device
Pairing bluetooth device with your phone
Pairing and using with multiple phones
Voice activated dialing
Wall waiting
Control wheel functionality
Includes car charger and USB cable for charging and firmware updates using your PC
Hands-free Bluetooth adapter

Sale pricing valid from Friday, June 12, 2009 through Saturday, July 25, 2009

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