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FWD Newlsetter June 2009

Page 7: Trailer Hitches and Tailgate Repair

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Sale pricing valid from Friday, June 12, 2009 through Saturday, July 25, 2009

Frame Hitch

Here’s everything you need to hitch up to your favorite tow and save a bundle. Our kit includes receiver hitch, ball mount, hitch pin, clip and all mounting hardware. All for up to $125 less than original equipment (no wiring included). Custom-built hitch installs easily to Class I, II and II frames. Class I frames will handle a maximum trailer weight of 2000 lbs. and a tongue weight of 200 lbs., Class II frames will handle 3500 lb. gross trailer weight and 300 lb. tongue weight, and Class III frames are rated at 500 lb. tongue weight and 5,000 lb. gross trailer weight. The 1-1/4” receiver accepts 3/4” shank ball (buy the size that fits your trailer tongue), 2” with 3/4” shank is most popular (available below).
850, 70 series* - 1993-2000 - Class II frame hitch
$200.07103542DRAW TITE
S80 - 1999-2006 - Class II frame hitch
$164.18106031DRAW TITE
V70, XC, S60 - 2001-06 - Class II frame hitch
$187.19105878DRAW TITE
40 series - 2001-04 - Class I frame hitch
$170.77105037DRAW TITE
XC90 - 2003-06 - Class III frame hitch
Two-inch chrome ball -
Note: Drilling required on some models. Ask for details.*Does not fit AWD models with ipd dual outlet exhaust, however, it does fit the 2000 R/AWD with factory exhaust.

Tailgate Panel

If you own an 850 or 70 series Volvo wagon, there’s a good chance that the plastic interior tailgate panel is breaking away from the tailgate. This common problem is caused by repeated slamming of the tailgate which causes the mounting brackets to fail. To replace the complete cover would cost $160.00. Now you can permanently repair your broken panel with our new repair kit for only $22.00. This kit includes improved metal mounting brackets, screws, four clips, and instructions. Takes 30 minutes to install with common hand tools and a drill.

850, 70 series wagons - 1994-2000

Reviewed by RORY from IA I was so happy with this product, mostly because it saved me major money, but also because it was so easy to install. The hardest part was getting the trim around the handle off. I ended up breaking mine and breaking another one at a junk yard. I was able to repair that with superglue. My suggestion is don’t do it when it is freezing cold out, because the plastic will break. Instructions were easy to understand and the no more rattling in the back. Thanks iPd!

Tailgate & Trunk Supports

Tailgate and trunk supports don’t last forever. They can age slowly or fail suddenly with rapid temperature changes. You’ll realize the failure immediately when the lid suddenly contacts you — usually in the head. Then you’ll get your next shock. The cost for a pair of original equipment gas springs can run as high as $150. ipd’s suggestion is to buy our reasonably priced replacements and save.
Wagon Tailgate Supports
855, V70 - 1994-2000
Sedan Trunk Supports
850 - 1993-97
S70 - 1998-2000

Sale pricing valid from Friday, June 12, 2009 through Saturday, July 25, 2009

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