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FWD Newlsetter June 2009

Page 4: Brake Fluid, Brake Bleeder, Brake Caliper Tool, Brake Lube, Brake Caliper Paint

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Sale pricing valid from Friday, June 12, 2009 through Saturday, July 25, 2009

TECH TIP: Dirty Brake Fluid?

We’ve had some recent experience with brake fluid failure that was an eye opener. Everyone has heard of the old tales of boiled brake fluid causing loss of brakes (something many now consider impossible) but what is really happening is that the water in the brake fluid is vaporizing and causing fade. Vaporized water is almost as bad as air bubbles in the system. Since brake fluid is hygroscopic (it gathers water from the air) friendly, it will fail without use or abuse. When your fluid turns brown, it’s from accumulation of water and rust in the system. Dark fluid can also be an indicator of rubber brake line degradation from the inside out. This is hard on the components and gives poor performance. Recently, we saw rear brakes overheat and fade (melting brake pad material onto the rotor surface) under light usage. The fluid was dark brown so we flushed it and the problem went away. The theory is that the expansion of the water from heat caused the brake to drag and things continued in a downward spiral from there. The lesson is, if your fluid is not clear and golden, flush the system. You may be surprised at the results!

Brake Fluid

Most Volvo models use DOT 3 brake fluid as original equipment, however we prefer to use a DOT 4 fluid to get the best performance and longevity. Ate is the original supplier for many Volvo brake parts and their fluid is unsurpassed. If you’re thinking of replacing your brake lines or pads or just want to get better performance out of your stock brake system Ate TYP 200 DOT 4 is a great product to make bleeding your brakes worth your time. Don’t replace your brake fluid with stock fluid if you have the opportunity to go to a performance brake fluid like Ate TYP 200 or Super Blue. ATE SL.6 is designed for use in modern brake systems that require a lower viscocity for rapid response. all Volvos 2003-2009 shoudl use SL.6 and it also make s agood upgrade in earlier cars with abs and traction control. Note: You will need 2 liters to do a complete fluid change on most models. Remember, brake fluid attracts water, so it’s recommended by Volvo to flush the fluid every two years as preventative maintenance.

Ate SL.6 thin bodied DOT 4 brake fluid for all 2003-2009 Volvos or as an upgrade for 1996-2002 models(1ltr/qt.)
Ate Type 200 DOT 4 brake fluid (1ltr/qt.) performance replacement fluid
Ate Type 200 Super Blue DOT 4 brake fluid (1ltr/qt.) performance fluid with blue dye
Note: You will need 2 liters to do a complete fluid change on most models.

Brake Bleeding Power for Do-it-Yourselfers!

The Motive power bleeder system allows do-it-yourselfers to power bleed brake systems just like the pros, without the need of an assistant to pump the brakes. This is important for two reasons. First, it allows the fluid to be bled without the brake pedal going all the way to the floor, which allows the master cylinder piston to travel beyond the normal stroke and can lead to premature failure of the master cylinder. Second, many of today’s newer ABS systems are so intricate that they can only be bled with a power bleeder.

The Motive bleeder is designed for frequent use and has a rugged container and generous two quart fluid capacity, as well as a built-in hand pump and gauge for accurate pressurizing. The system works on the principle of pressurizing the master cylinder so that old brake fluid is forced out of the lines when the bleed screws are opened. The design keeps the master cylinder full of fluid during the process so all you have to do is open a bleed screw until fresh fluid is flowing and then proceed to the next bleeder.

This tool makes the task of bleeding brakes an almost effortless, foolproof operation. Gone is the frustration of trying to coordinate pumping the pedal, opening and closing the bleed valve, trying to keep the fluid in the master cylinder at the correct level, and keeping air out of the system.

1993-2007 except 2000-2004 S40 & V40 models
2000-2004 S40 & V40 models

Front Brake Caliper Tool

Replacing the front brake pads or rotors on 850 and later model cars require a 7mm hex tool. Most metric hex tool sets do not include this size, so we have sourced an economical solution.

3/8” drive 7mm hex socket 850, 70 series, S60, V70, S80

Sil-Glyde Brake Lube

For preventative medicine or to stop stubborn squeals, simply apply a thin layer of Sil-Glyde Brake Lube to the backing plate of pads, to anti-squeal shims and, caliper slides. The 0.7oz. tube will treat several cars and each application should last 6 months to a year.

Brake lubricant
Warning: Keep lubricant off pad friction material and rotor surfaces

Brake Caliper Epoxy Paint Kit

Keeping your car looking its best is often ruined by rusty and dusty brake calipers showing through your alloy wheels. Restore or accentuate calipers to a better than new look. Restore them by using either the black or silver kits. For a sportier look, use the red kit. Each kit contains two-part epoxy paint, step by step instructions, paint brush, and a can of brake cleaner to prep the surface before painting. The high temp finish seals and protects the calipers, is oil and chemical resistant and, because of the gloss finish, it will be easier to clean accumulated brake dust from the smooth calipers.
Red caliper paint kit
Silver caliper paint kit
Black caliper paint kit

Sale pricing valid from Friday, June 12, 2009 through Saturday, July 25, 2009

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