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Front Wheel Drive Mini Mailer - May 2009

Page 8: P21S Brake dust removal, Cleaning brushes, Forever Black

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Sale pricing valid from Monday, May 11, 2009 through Friday, July 03, 2009

P21S Brake dust removal products

Leading European automakers recommend P21S as the best and safest method of removing brake dust from alloy wheels. P21S won’t strip away your wheel’s coating, break up the paint or attack the aluminum alloy. Protect the beauty of your investment. Spray-on, hose-off formula comes in 500 ml bottle including sprayer and sponge.

P21S Spray Bottle
P21S Spray Bottle Refill
P21S Super Strength Gel Spray Bottle
P21S Super Strength Gel Spray Bottle Refill

Cleaning Brushes

Keeping your car looking its best just got a little easier. These brushes are designed with comfort for you and protection for you car's varied surfaces. The soft feathered bristles provide superior cleaning ability to gently lift dirt and grime away from the paint surface. A soft non-slip elastomer grip on the brush bodies makes them comfortable to hold and protects your car's paint as well as the lights, lenses and trim pieces from scratches and dings.
Wheel and Tire Brush
Car Wash Brush

Forever Black

Here's the quick and permanent fix for faded, dull, lifeless exterior trim. Forever Black permanently dyes all black plastic bumpers, wheel well moldings, mud guards, and trim with the chemicals the manufacturers use. Protects your plastic, vinyl and trim against UV damage, too. One kit covers trim on about four Volvos. Comes with concentrated plastic cleaner (which will remove silicones) and a time-saving foam tipped applicator bottle for easy use. Dries in 15-20 minutes.
Forever Black
FB080 Reviewed by Jonathan H from Portland OR I was recommended this product by Lucky after asking about car care products for my 850 Turbo. He highly recommended it and so far, I am very impressed with the results! Application was a breeze, but there are a few things keep in mind in addition to the directions on the bottle. First, tape off the application area and clean it thoroughly with the enclosed cleaner. Let everything dry. Time for application! I would strongly suggest having a small foam brush (for hard-to-reach places), and a toothbrush to help smooth out the dye. Since it significantly darkens your (faded) trim, getting a smooth coat will help your end result look real sharp. Application time: 1.5 Hours including prep. Results: Amazing, very worth while. I'd second Lucky's suggestion of applying two coats to anyone with significantly faded trim! As always, your prep time will yield huge dividends after you're done with the project.

Showroom New Gray

Not a paint or dressing, Showroom New is a permanent dye. That means long lasting color that will revive your gray bumpers, wheel well moldings, mud guards, and trim. One bottle covers trim on at least two Volvos.
Showroom New Gray

Black Again

Not a shallow polish or surface cover-up! Black Again® goes on creamy and penetrates bumpers, exterior rubber trim, and plastic and vinyl tops, making old surfaces look like new again. The preferred choice of professional auto detailers. Black Again protects, too, with sun blockers to cut damaging UV rays. Great on colored trim too! Not for interior use.
Black Again

Bumper Paints

A faded bumper gives away your car’s age even when it’s been detailed. When even Black Again no longer helps, you need to take the next step. Forget all those bumper shining products and paint your bumper to it’s shiny original appearance! This paint has superior adhesion compared to ordinary aerosol paint and with no primer needed, it’s easy to use. And it’s specifically designed for use on bumpers and side trim plastics. Because it’s a paint, it doesn’t require treating to maintain dark color. Available in Metallic Grey and original Bumper Black. DUE TO SHIPPING CONSTRAINTS, THIS PRODUCT MUST BE SHIPPED BY GROUND ONLY.
Black Bumper Paint
Metallic Charcoal Bumper Paint

Sale pricing valid from Monday, May 11, 2009 through Friday, July 03, 2009

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