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RWD newsletter - April 2009

Page 9: Oxygen sensor tools, Fuel injectors and seal kits, Fuel sending unit, Fuel injection test light. K-Jet fuel mixture adjusting tool

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Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, April 14, 2009 through Friday, May 29, 2009

Oxygen Sensor Removal Tools

Replacing the oxygen sensor on your Volvo can be a real pain. Since it is installed directly in the head pipe or exhaust manifold, it will usually be severely rusted or corroded in place. The main sensor wires come right out of the center of the sensor, so it is not possible to use a standard socket over the sensor. Our oxygen sensor tools both have slots machined in them that allow you to slide them over the wires and onto the sensor for secure removal and installation. The oxygen sensor socket tool attaches to a 3/8” square drive so you can use a ratchet or extension to reach the sensor from farther away. Our new high leverage long handle oxygen sensor wrench has a flex-head joint and a bent handle which gives you several different positions to attack that hard to reach sensor.

A. Bosch oxygen sensor socket
B. Oxygen Sensor Wrench
$22.95113823GREAT NECK

Fuel Injectors and Seal Kits

A poor running car that otherwise has a good tune is sometimes hard to diagnose. Injectors will flow fuel for many years without wear but as the car gets over 200k miles it may be time to test them.

Use water to spray around the injectors to test for a bad injector seal. A momentary decrease in idle speed indicates that the seals are bad. A bad seal will cause a vacuum leak and will cause a lean condition. Replace the seals and reset the fuel mixture for best power and economy.

An engine that is rough at idle but clears up on acceleration may have a worn injector. On LH cars just disconnect the injector plug to find the injector that is not firing. Replacing it will smooth the idle and give more power on acceleration.

A. 240 series - B20F - 1975 - K-Jetronic injector, seals not included
A. 240 series - B21F, B21FT - 1976-85 - K-Jetronic injector, seals not included
B. 240 series - B21F, B21FT - 1976-85 - plastic injector holder/ insulator for K-Jet
$7.65102313VOLVO OE
240 series - B20 - 1975 - fuel injector seal kit (K Jet.) all 8 seals
C. 240 series - B21, B21FT - 1976-85 - fuel injector seal kit (K Jet.) all 8 seals
D. 200, 700 series - B23, B230F/FT - 1982-95 - fuel injector seal kit (LH Jet.) all 8 seals
700 series (not shown) - B230FT - 1985-89 - LH Jetronic injector (seals included)
*If you’re unsure of what type of injectors you need, give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the right ones for your Volvo. Injector seals aren’t included except for LH injectors which include seals. Always replace injector seals when replacing an injector.

Fuel Gauge Sending Unit

Not sure how much fuel is in the tank? If your sending unit is original, that means that it’s “reaching it’s golden years.”. The common “starting to fail” symptom is an inaccurate gauge that momentarily pegs at full. It might work like this for years - and it might not last another week. Put an end to uncertainty - prevent unwanted rest stops by the side of the road due to an empty tank - replace yours now!

200 series - 1978-93

Fuel Injection Test Light

Here’s an inexpensive tester for do-it-yourselfers! Now you can check if individual injectors are getting the proper voltage. Easily plugs into the fuel injector connector. Just crank the engine while watching the light. If it flashes, your injector voltage is okay.
Bosch style fuel injection test light*
*For use on cars with Bosch Electronic (LH) fuel injection (240 models (1982-93); all 700 and 900 models; and all models 1993 and newer.)

K-Jetronic Fuel Mixture Adjusting Tool

Now you can easily adjust the fuel mixture on your K-Jet equipped Volvo. Over time the fuel mixture can drift out of adjustment, causing a decrease in mileage performance and hard starting. With the proper manual you can set the mixture for optimum economy and performance. Be sure to check for vacuum leaks before making any adjustments (right for rich, left for lean).
200 series non turbo - 1974-81
200 series turbo - 1981-85

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, April 14, 2009 through Friday, May 29, 2009

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