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RWD newsletter - April 2009

Page 5: Oil Filters and Accessories

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Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, April 14, 2009 through Friday, May 29, 2009

Mann® Oil Filters

To our knowledge, this is simply the best filter you can buy for the money. This filter manufactured by Mann® grabbed the number one slot in an oil filter test by the Volvo Club of America. Mann is the original supplier of oil filters to Volvo. Fits all 1962-98 Volvos except for diesels or V6.

1975-98, All models - Mann oil filter
Case of 10 - Mann oil filter
4 cylinder all - copper oil pan drain plug seal ring*
960, 90 series - aluminum oil pan drain plug seal ring*
*Not for V-6 or diesel

Oil Soak Mat

This patented, leak resistant mat looks like a black rug, yet it has the ability to absorb and retain hundreds of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids such as oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, water, and more.

Absorbs up to one gallon of liquid. The leak resistant back will not allow the absorbed liquids to soak through to the floor underneath. Under normal use this mat can’t be ripped, yet it can be custom cut with an ordinary pair of scissors or utility knife. Plus, this mat can be recycled. The oil soak mat measures 3 ft. x 5 ft.

Oil soak mat

Oil Filter Grabbers

This tool works great for most Volvo engine compartments. It’s especially nice for the Turbo engine where access is very tight. With slotted adjustment for large and small oil filters and a 20° off-set, you can get at those filters with limited access and still have a good grip and the leverage needed to spin them off. Not for plastic cartridge style filters.

Oil filter grabbers

Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

Prevent abrasive particles from recirculating through your oil pump and back into the pressurized system with our magnetic drain plug. This plug catches and holds metal particles as they drain into the oil pan.You’ll be able to spot deteriorating engine conditions easily. Plug includes a seal ring.

4 cylinder all - drain plug w/seal*
960, 90 series - drain plug w/seal
4 cylinder all - additional copper seal ring*
960, 90 series - additional aluminum seal ring*
*Not for V6 or diesel.

Oil Filter Magnet

Capture every microspeck of metal that causes engine wear. Debris that your oil filter alone might not be able to screen.

Made of a strong, flexible silicone this oil resistant magnet withstands temperatures up to 500°F. Simply attach it to the outside of your oil filter and let it do the work. The super strong rare earth magnet begins working immediately to power clean your oil. Your oil and your engine will continue to get cleaner month after month through normal driving and proper maintenance. The permanent rare earth magnet will never wear out, so you’ll enjoy a lifetime of protection that goes far beyond conventional mechanical filtration.

Oil filter magnet

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, April 14, 2009 through Friday, May 29, 2009

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