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RWD newsletter - April 2009

Page 2: Update: Cameron's Turbo Wagon Project, ipd garage sale news

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Update on Cameron’s 16V Turbo Wagon Project

By: Cameron Daline

A good deal has changed since the last project update. I have received several packages in the mail lately, including one from SHS Performance (www.shsperformance.no) containing the amazing lightweight adjustable cam gears, high flow billet aluminum fuel rail, billet water pump pulley and light weight aluminum auxiliary shaft pulley all in matching anodized blue! Efficiency and adjustability is the name of the game here, with lighter weight rotating components which will free up that much more tire-smoking power for the engine, and adjustability in the cams to eek out every last nano-horsepower available. The fuel rail should open up the bottle neck previously inline with the fuel system, and make sure that I don’t run out of the good juice!

To see more about Cameron and his engine build click here

Cameron is going to try and have his car available for viewing during our ipd garage sale event.

I also received the billet aluminum 16v timing belt tensioner adapter plate from ipd customer Robert Foltz. This piece allows me to use the stock b230-style timing belt tensioner, but locates it and the auxiliary roller bearing in the proper place and allows the use of an 850 timing belt. The beautiful UPS man brought my lightened and balanced (down to ~21 pounds!) flywheel to the door from Knox motorsports (www.knoxmotorsports.us), along with a match-balanced SPEC Clutch stage III pressure plate and custom built clutch disk. The disk uses a BMW center section to mate up to the splines on the BMW Getrag transmission, and a Volvo sized 6-puck racing disk utilizing a high performance carbon/copper/ceramic friction material.

Finally, I picked up the killer stainless steel header from Jonathan over at RSI. It utilizes equal-length runners for optimum cylinder evacuation, and pulse paired technology which helps to even out the pulses from the cylinder head. All this plumbed into a twin scroll t-3 turbo flange which when mated to the GT32 turbo I just ordered should significantly increase the rate of boost spool up and overall flow.

There are still several details to take care of on this project, as well as some custom fabrication, test fitting and final assembly. For example, I still need to spec a proper shifter for the Getrag transmission and modify the driveshaft to properly mate up to the rear of the Getrag output shaft. The transmission cross member needs to have some brackets welded onto it to fit a transmission mount and properly set the angle of the drivetrain. And then there is the wiring and tuning of the engine management system (gulp!).

May 16, 2009 is when the 26th Annual ipd Garage Sale, Swap Meet and Car Show will take place. We look forward to this event each year and we’re excited to have games, prizes, giveaways, sale pricing on most of our stock and much more. Doors will open to the ipd sales desk from 9:00am until 1:00pm and the swap meet and car show has been extended to run until 3:00pm. We hope to see you here for this great event.Garage Sale is 9:00am to 3:00pm Saturday May 16th.For more information on displaying your Volvo or to reserve a swap meet spot call 800-444-6473 or e-mail our show coordinator Bud Cowgill at rcowgill@ipdusa.com

Click here to see photos of last years event as well as a video

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, April 14, 2009 through Friday, May 29, 2009

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