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FWD newsletter - April 2009

Page 10: Torx drivers, 360 degree ratchet, External torx, Folding torx bit set, 1/4 and 3/8 drive torx bit set

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Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, April 07, 2009 through Friday, May 29, 2009

Torx 25 and 30 Drivers

From the 850 up to the XC90 torx screws are showing up more and more. From the engine compartment to the interior and from panels to covers they fasten countless pieces in the vehicle. Our torx drivers feature a rubberized ergo soft handle for maximum grip and a hex shank for applying a wrench when arm strength alone won’t break it free. Great in the glove box or the tool box!T25 and T30 will cover about 90% of the most common jobs encountered by do-it-yourselfers!
Torx 25 driver
Torx 30 driver

360° Ratchet

New flexible head ratchet allows for access in tight places without sacrificing leverage. Fine tooth gears allow for small adjustments to get just the right angle, or release the head and spin it around for quickly running down threads. Features 3/8 drive ratchet with 360 degree swivel head and extended handle for extra torque. Check out the video icon to see how this product works.
360° ratchet

External Torx

If your 850 and later model vehicle has an ABS/Tracs light on and the module is the culprit (diagnostic trouble codes123-124-213-214-313-314-323-324) you’ll need our E5 external torx to remove the control unit. The four fasteners are accessed from the bottom of the unit and require a bit of care to ensure no damage occurs. Don’t try to use a socket that is ‘close’ or you may just have two problems on your hands! Better yet, get our 11 piece external torx set, containing E4 through E20 and tackle those front wheel bearing fasteners too!
Individual E5 external torx
11-piece external torx set

Folding Torx Bit Set

Torx bits have found their way into Volvo since the late model 240 series and are ever increasing in the newest generations. Our handy tool includes the most commonly used torx sizes (T9 – T40) and folds up tight to fit in a pocket or keep in the glove box. An aluminum body for light-weight strength and a rust proof finish, will keep this tool around for years to come.
Folding torx bit set (T9-T40)

1/4” and 3/8” Drive Torx Bit Set

Torx fasteners are rapidly replacing Phillips head and metric hex head fasteners on the newer Volvo models. You’ll find the common T-25 and T-30 sizes used on 700 and 900 series models as well as a few of the other common sizes, which can usually be handled with the Torx drivers included in the factory tool kit. Finding a good quality set of Torx bits can be a challenge.This set, made in the USA, is made of high strength hardened alloy steel for the professional mechanic (lifetime warranty) and includes 1/4” drive T-10,T15,T-20,T-25, T-27, T-30 and 3/8” drive T-40, T-45, and T-50 bits. The dual drive sizes may seem unusual at first, but after using them for awhile, it really makes good sense. The 1/4” drive on the smaller bits allows them to be used in tight fit areas where a larger socket body and 3/8” ratchet driver wouldn’t fit. The 3/8” drive on the larger bits insures you’ll be able to break loose the larger sized fasteners that a 1/4” drive couldn’t handle.
9 Piece torx bit set

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, April 07, 2009 through Friday, May 29, 2009

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