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FWD newsletter - April 2009

Page 1: Driving Around with ipd Customers

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Driving Around with ipd Customers

Contributed by ipd Customers from around the globe!Over the years, we have received hundreds of wonderful photos of our customers’ cars along with great stories telling of camping trips, Volvo club gatherings and the giddiness found after installing that latest ipd purchase. We would like to thank you for the support and enthusiasm that has kept us going through the hard times, and encouraged us to explore new and exciting products and solutions to answer your concerns. Here are a few more great pictures and stories from some of our customers from around the world. Enjoy!We also wanted to let everyone know that we are on facebook. We have our own fan page where you can become a fan, submit photos of your beloved Volvo, start a discussion topic, add video and just gather with other Volvo enthusiasts from around the world. We are actively engaged on facebook and try to answer all the questions and participate in the discussion board section daily. Give it a try and see the more casual side of ipd.

Click here to visit IPD's Facebook page

Here are a sampling of customer submitted photos on our facebook fan page - click on the thumbnails to see a full size image

Colorado Convertible

Here is my favorite photo of my 2004 C70 convertible here in the Colorado foothills. This particular car is riding on 18” Pegasus wheels, Eibach pro-kit springs, Koni FSD shocks, and has the Ipd polyurethane torque restraints, ipd TCV, and an Ipd stage 1 tune under the hood. Ipd also helped me out tremendously by providing a custom tune that allowed me to convert the car from automatic to manual transmission using the original ECU. Future plans are sway bars, a high flow exhaust and not much more than that. It’s already become quite the beast!The C70 is my 14th Volvo. I come from a Volvo family that started the way a lot of Volvo families start. My father purchased his first Volvo, a ‘75 244 in 1976, and only a few months later my mother was rear-ended in it at moderately high speed. She walked away from the accident, and we never walked away from our Volvos after that. The next 244 we purchased was another 1975 model, and it stayed in the family for over 20 years, my sister and I both learned to drive in it, and it never let us down. We’ve all driven nothing but Volvos ever since. Volvo for life!

Modifying Bug takes Over S60R

I started with Volvos while car shopping for my parents. The list included typical cars that you see on the road such as Acura TL, G35 Sedan, IS250, and so on. I have always liked the S60 R, however, never got a chance to drive one. Going along with my folks, we all concluded that the Volvo had more to offer in a similar price range. Great exterior looks, amazing seats, power, handling. They settled on an 05’ S60R gt which I just loved driving. At the time I had a Honda S2000 which was a fun car but not practical at all as a daily driver. I decided to move on to something larger, preferably AWD, MT, with boost. I narrowed the list down to the R or 04-05’ STI. Both had performance but the STI just felt cheap, almost like a toy compared to the Volvo. Soon enough (August 08’) I purchased my own S60 R; 04’ Sapphire Black with atacama leather interior and sports kit, I was loving it. Just as with my other cars the modding bug kicked in and I started little by little. The list below is my mods in chronological order.

  • To see what my car originally started out like, go to: http://img175.imageshack.us/img175/8058/51111758ec8.jpg
  • ipd upper engine mount - made the car more solid combined with the DIY strut conversion kit
  • ipd transmission mount - made some clunking go away!
  • ipd all season floor mats - nice touch to atacama as orange floor mats was too much for me
  • 5mm spacers on the front - no more rubbing and the car can actually turn well now
  • ipd stage 1 tune - wow the powerband got so much better and smoother.
  • Autometer cobalt digital boost gauge – I could finally see what was going on with the car.
  • Custom 3” exhaust - purchased from a SwedeSpeed member -- very nice growl
  • Finally ordered my winglets – The car no longer felt naked in the front
  • Eibach Pro-Kit springs - very nice stance and much improved handling.
  • PIAA Ion Yellow Foglights - PIAA is awesome, crazy light output for xenons in such color

Future plans are to install 15mm spacers in the rear (currently in the mail) and then work up to a Front Mount Intercooler kit. low gloss black Pegasus wheels blacked out grill, and partially de-badged rear.

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, April 07, 2009 through Friday, May 29, 2009

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