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Rear Wheel Drive Newsletter - February 2009

Page 7: Did You Check the Fuse?, ceramic fuse kit, 80 piece fuse kit, water tight fuse holder. 12V test light

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Did You Check the Fuse?

By: ipd staff

The fuse panels on 200 series Volvos suffer from a common problem where the fuse can become corroded and begin to cause intermittent problems.

Depending on the fuse, it’s possible that it could cause a no start condition or could cause the car to stall. The problem is caused by several things, mainly loose fuse retaining clips or corrosion due to the use of tin fuses, which react with the brass holders, causing corrosion. If you have loose retainers, pull the fuse and carefully pinch the retainers closer together so that they will tightly grip the fuse. Don’t overdo it as they can be broken. To help prevent corrosion, keep the contact areas clean and use a good electrical contact grease. Be sure to disconnect the battery before you do any cleaning with a metal brush as it is possible to cause a short while cleaning even if the fuse is removed.

Ceramic Fuse Kit for 240 and 260 Series

The European ceramic style fuses used in all Volvos 1962 to 1993 (except the 700 & 900 series) can sometimes be hard to find. Better auto parts stores will have them, but it’s unlikely that you’d find them at a gas station. For a few bucks you can get our kit to replace all the fuses in your car and still have a good supply left for emergencies.

The fuse panels in these models are known for corrosion problems, which can lead to intermittent electrical failure. A good solution is to clean all the fuse holders with a wire brush and replace all the old fuses with new fuses that have had the contact points coated with dielectric grease (below). This should provide years of trouble-free service.

For reference, most 1981 and newer models have eleven eight-amp (white), five 16-amp (red) and one 25-amp (blue) fuse. Most 240s from 1975-1980 have seven eight-amp and five 16-amp fuses.

30-Piece Fuse Kit Contains:
(15) 8-amp fuses, (10) 16-amp fuses, (5) 25-amp fuses

30 Piece fuse kit

“Lifetime Supply” 80-piece Fuse Kit for 700 and 900 Series

Have you ever been caught shorthanded when you needed a fuse? Here’s a chance to ensure that it never happens again. This huge 80-piece assortment provides 10 each of the following hard-to-find sizes for Volvos: 3, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 amp. Also included is a handy fuse removal and insertion toolÑall in a durable see-through storage case.

80-piece fuse kit

Watertight Fuse Holder System Could Save You a Tow Bill!

For owners of 1982-89 non-turbo 240 series Volvos, here’s a chance to put an end to intermittent electrical problems with our watertight fuse holder system. With the Bosch¨ LH fuel injection system, current is supplied from the battery to an exposed blade style fuse. This addresses the problem.

The fuse is located about a foot behind the battery on the driver’s side inner fender. Over time, corrosion of the fuse holder causes problems with the electrical system, including starting difficulties and intermittent stalling of the engine. Visual clues of corrosion in your 240 are discolored connections and a deformed or melted plastic fuse holder.

Our waterproof replacement will put an end to this problem by concealing the fuse and terminals from water and corrosive gases. Also included are connectors and heat-shrink tubing to prevent the splice from corroding and a new 25-amp fuse. Don’t be fooled by similar looking systems. We tested several, and this is the only one we found to be water-tight.

240 series non-turbos 1982-89

12v Test Light

For installation of automotive electrical accessories, a test light is hard to beat. Our new test light has a 12-foot coiled cord for extended access when checking power and ground. If you’re installing stereo components, keyless entry, alarms, or just need some help with road side troubleshooting, a good test light goes a long way.

12v test light

Sale pricing valid from Friday, February 13, 2009 through Friday, April 03, 2009

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