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December 2008 Newsletter for RWD Models

Page 7: Shocks, Sway bars

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Sale pricing valid from Monday, December 08, 2008 through Friday, January 23, 2009

ipd Anti-Sway Bars

If you know ipd, you know that we began pioneering anti-sway bar set-ups for Volvos more than 40 years ago. Did you know we make anti-sway bar packages for other vehicles too? In some cases, the original manufacturer has copied our designs and integrated them into their own production line or we are providing them with our bars as original equipment. Think about that. Our bars were so superior to the original equipment that they BECAME original equipment.

Cars continue to evolve, and handling characteristics that were once available only on high-end exotics are now commonplace. We originally developed our anti-sway bars to enhance handling performance (which they do). However, these are the same sway bars many Volvo drivers install as safety improvements. They’ll give your Volvo handling characteristics that put it in a handling class well above where it is now and get it well on its way to handling with the same panache as much sportier machinery while retaining its Volvo identity.

You won’t believe the improvement and you’ll wish you’d bought a set sooner. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone who’s tried them! Satisfaction Guaranteed, period. They really are that good. THE suspension performance part for any Volvo. Anti-Sway Bars have been ipd’s best seller for over 40 years and represent the most significant return on investment of any product we sell. It’s often remarked by customers and employees alike that “If you only buy one thing ever from ipd, it should be Anti-Sway Bars for your Volvo.”

Anti-Sway Bars will drastically reduce the amount of body roll your car experiences around corners and increase ride comfort to boot. All this translates into much more precise handling and control over your Swede with absolutely zero trade-off in ride quality. All ipd safety anti-sway bar packages are built using the finest materials available, including, high memory 4140 cold-rolled chro-moly steel, lifetime warrantied polyurethane bushings and grommets and premium grade hardware. Detailed step-by-step instructions are included.

Here’s what Volvo owners have to say after installing ipd safety anti-sway bars.
6K5012 Reviewed by Carlton from Washington,D.C.

Okay i kinda figured these would provide better handling on corners and such as advertised. However I WAS NOT PREPARED for the IMMEDIATE difference i noticed in ride quality upon simply pulling out of the driveway after install. Suddenly the car was riding smoother over bumps and expansion joints.

Then there was the time the driver of that brand new Saab decided to abort an exit off the highway without looking and pulled back onto the road right in front of me! The combination of these bars, the Bilsteins and the 15 inch turbo wheels (not to mention in some part my driving skill) saved the lives of the passengers in that car. Had I not swerved really hard into the adjacent lane, I would have T-boned that car and possibly killed someone. There was not even so much as a chirp or squeal to be heard from my tires (although there WAS some loud, foul language that could be heard from me until I calmed down). I can take a long corner on the highway at some pretty insane speeds with these.

240 sedans - 1977-93 - 25mm front, 22 mm rear

245 wagons - 1979-93 - 25mm front, 22 mm rear

240 GT, Turbo & lowered - All - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

700 sedans w/4 cylinder non-Turbo - 1983-86 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

700 sedans w/6 cylinder, non-Turbo - 1983-87 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

700 sedans w/ 4 cyl. - 1987-93 (turbo ‘83-91) - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

700 wagons - 1983-87 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

700 wagons w/ 4 cyl. & Turbo - 1988-92 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

940 sedans w/ 4 cyl. (not for SE models) - 1991-95 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

940 wagons w/ 4 cyl. - 1991-95 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

960 wagons - 1992-94 - 25mm front, 25 mm rear

Which Shocks Are Best For Me?

By: Cameron Daline

Besides “Why won’t my car start?” and “What size tires should I buy?” “Which shocks are right for me?” is one of the most commonly asked questions we get. So what’s the answer? Well, it depends. When recommending a shock option, we do our best to find out from you how you’ll be driving the car, what kind of roads you’ll be driving on, and what kind of ride you like. Is one shock better than another in general? No. Is one shock better for you than another? Absolutely. Let me elaborate a little.

Generally speaking shocks are rated on a “firmness” scale. As a rule of thumb consider that as firmness increases in a chassis (shocks being a big part of that equation), handling improves. Another side effect of this is that the car becomes less compliant, stiffer. This means there is a fine balance between comfort and performance. Finding where your place is on that balance beam is up to you. Here’s a somewhat simplified breakdown of where each of the shocks we carry fits into this picture.

Boge/Sachs Automatics:
These are the most comfort minded and softest shocks we offer. They are the OEM shocks on many Volvo models and represent the softest option for your Brick. Boge Automatic shocks are hydraulic, oil filled shocks as opposed to gas filled construction found on our other offerings. If you liked how your Volvo drove when it was new and are looking for a nice cushy ride, these are the shocks for you. Lowering springs are NOT recommended in combination with Boge Automatics.

Boge/Sachs Turbo Gas & Bilstein Touring Class:
Both of these represent a step up in performance over stock. They are firmer than stock and allow for more “spirited” driving and a more precise road feel in all driving conditions. These are a good mid-range shock for those who want a noticeable upgrade without sacrificing too much ride compliance. A great budget minded shock upgrade. These are a great match for both stock and lowered ride heights.

Bilstein Heavy Duty & Koni:
If you’re looking for the ultimate shock that you will likely never have to replace these are what you’re looking for. Both of these represent a much stiffer ride than stock. Don’t be scared away though, although these are stiffer, they are also very precise in their damping. This precise damping translates into a ride that still feels very smooth. If you’re planning on tracking the car, or just want your Volvo to handle on the street more like their European brethren, these are the shocks for you.

Performance Shocks for Your High-Performance Volvo

If maximum ride control, handling performance, and long life are what you want, then Bilstein Heavy Duty or Koni Sport shocks are for you. At this level of quality, shocks and struts become the “defining feel” of your car. Both of these options are recognized by passionate Volvo enthusiasts as the best shocks and struts available for 200, 700, and 900 series models. When combined with upgrades like lowering springs, sway bars, and chassis braces, the outstanding performance potential of your favorite Volvo can be brought to life. Which brand is better? Well, that’s hard to determine, as both provide top-of-the-line performance. For most enthusiasts, it boils down to ride preference. The low pressure gas Konis feel a bit softer in the early stages of the suspension travel while the Bilsteins have a tighter “gas-charged” feel right from the start.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Niblett

KONI Shocks & Struts

  • Top level sport performance, yet compliant at low speeds
  • Adjustable rebound control
  • Popular alternative to Bilstein when comfort is also important
  • Made in Holland of top quality materials
  • Not uncommon for Konis to last 100,000 miles or more
  • Lifetime warranty

Bilstein Heavy Duty Shocks & Struts

  • Best performing for Sport / Enthusiast
  • Premium German construction & materials
  • On the firm side, but not too harsh
  • Patented digressive valving minimizes sharp impacts
  • Most popular enthusiast upgrade shocks
  • Not uncommon for Bilsteins to last 100,000 miles or more
  • Lifetime warranty

Exceptional Quality in a Long Life Shock

If you’re proud of your Volvo, plan on keeping it for a few years, and are looking for a budget priced performance shock, then consider upgrading to Bilstein Touring Class dampers. They provide exceptional ride quality as well as improved safety and handling. Bilstein Touring Class dampers give excellent performance for the price and offer a ride a bit firmer than stock shocks without feeling too stiff for the daily commute or family hauling. Bilstein Touring Class shocks and struts are gas charged, come with a lifetime warranty and will work well on both stock height and lowered cars.

BOGE Turbo Gas Shocks & Struts

  • Budget upgrade for most non-turbo models
  • Twin tube gas design; not too stiff on the family hauler
  • Most popular replacement: good price & performance
  • Lifetime warranty, typically last 50,000 to 60,000 miles

Bilstein Touring Shocks & Struts

  • Engineering and valving by Bilstein
  • Economical twin tube gas design
  • Popular budget upgrade, a little stiffer than the Boge Turbo Gas
  • Lifetime warranty, typically last 60,000 to 75,000 miles

Shocks & Struts for the Budget-Minded

If you’re on a budget and want the best value in replacement shocks and struts that offer performance and ride quality equal to what your Volvo offered when it was new, then Boge Automatics or Boge Turbo Gas are good choices. Boge Automatics have a 2-year warranty, are what came stock on most Volvos, and will provide good performance for several years. For a moderately priced upgrade with a slightly more controlled feel than stock, consider the gas charged Boge Turbo Gas. The Boge Turbo Gas has a lifetime warranty and is acceptable for use on stock height or lowered cars. Boge Automatics are not recommended for lowered cars.

BOGE Automatic Shocks & Struts

  • Original equipment on many Volvo models
  • Great choice if you like the way your Volvo rode when new
  • Hydraulic design offers compliant performance
  • Economy replacements for the quality-conscious
  • 2-year unlimited mileage warranty #]

Shock and Strut Fitment Guide

200 series

200 series - all 1975-93 - Bilstein HD - front firm

200 series - all 1975-93 - Bilstein HD - rear firm

200 series - all 1975-93 - Koni - front firm

200 series - all 1975-93 - Koni - rear firm

200 series - 1975-93 - Bilstein Touring - front midrange

200 series - 1975-93 - Bilstein Touring - rear midrange

200 series - 1975-93 - Boge Turbo Gas - front midrange
$62.35100213SACHS (BOGE)

200 series - 1975-93 - Boge Turbo Gas - rear midrange
$65.11100206SACHS (BOGE)

200 series turbo/GLT - 1980-85 - Boge Turbo Gas (1) - front midrange
$73.73104078SACHS (BOGE)

200 series turbo/GLT - 1980-85 - Boge Turbo Gas - rear midrange
$65.11100206SACHS (BOGE)

200 series - 1975-93 - Boge Automatic - front soft
$44.23100212SACHS (BOGE)

200 series - 1975-93 - Boge Automatic - rear soft
$39.11100203SACHS (BOGE)

700, 900 Series

700, 900 series (1985-95), 960 (up to 1994) - Bilstein HD - front firm

700, 900 series (1985-95), 960 (up to 1994) - Bilstein HD - rear firm*

700, 900 series (1985-95), 960 (up to 1994) - Koni - front firm

700, 900 series (1985-95), 960 (up to 1994) - Koni - rear firm*

700, 900 series (1985-95), 960 (up to 1994) - Bilstein Touring - front midrange

700, 900 series (1985-95), 960 (up to 1994) - Bilstein Touring - rear midrange*

700, 900 series (1985-95), 960 (up to 1994) - Boge Turbo Gas - front midrange
$82.20100210SACHS (BOGE)

700, 900 series (1985-95), 960 (up to 1994) - Boge Turbo Gas - rear midrange

700, 900 series (1985-95), 960 (up to 1994) - Boge Automatic - front soft
$65.25100209SACHS (BOGE)

700, 900 series (1985-95), 960 (up to 1994) - Boge Automatic - rear soft*

(1) This part number incudes spacers for use in 240 turbos and 200 series models originally equipped with gas charged inserts.

Nivomat Conversion

Does my car have Nivomats?

All 760 models, 780 and 940 SE sedans 1983 to 1994 are equipped with a self leveling independent rear suspension known as the Nivomat system. This system uses a special shock and spring combination to maintain ride height even when the car is fully loaded. When the shocks fail, the rear of the car will begin to sag noticeably even when it is unloaded. Nivomat shocks are over $390 each from the dealer, so we have developed this economical kit that converts the rear suspension to a conventional shock-and-spring set-up.

Our conversion kit with specially modified shocks and custom springs is less than the cost of a single Nivomat from your dealer and our kits will provide better handling and ride quality. These shocks also have a lifetime warranty compared with only one year on Nivomats purchased from your dealer. Kits include two specially built shocks and springs for mounting in the stock locations with no need for modification. Professional installation recommended as the springs in the independent rear suspension can be difficult to remove. This kit could save you over $500.00 compared with the cost of two new Nivomat shocks from your dealer.

-Nivomat rear shocks are automatic self leveling and used on the models below.-

Nivomat conversion kits for independant rear suspension models

760 sedans, 780, and 940 SE sedans - 1988-94 - w/Boge Turbo Gas shocks
$399.95109631SACHS (BOGE)

760 sedans, 780, and 940 SE sedans - 1988-94 - w/Bilstein Touring shocks

760 sedans, 780, and 940 SE sedans - 1988-94 - w/Bilstein HD shocks

Nivomat converstion kits
for solid Axle models

764 sedan (1983-87), 780 (1987 only) - - w/Boge Turbo Gas shocks
$247.90109628SACHS (BOGE)

765, 965 wagon - 1985-94 - w/Boge Turbo Gas shocks
$249.95109629SACHS (BOGE)

Nivomat shock replacement

764, 780 sedans - 1983-87 - Boge Nivomats
$249.95100218SACHS (BOGE)

765, 965 wagons - 1985-94 - Boge Nivomats
$249.95100218SACHS (BOGE)

764, 780, 944SE, 964 sedans - 1988-94 - Boge Nivomats
$314.65101908SACHS (BOGE)

Sale pricing valid from Monday, December 08, 2008 through Friday, January 23, 2009

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