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FWD Christmas Ideas

Page 6: 20/20 mirror, Life hammer, Co-pilot light, Tire totes, Wheel center caps, Valve stems

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Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, November 05, 2008 through Wednesday, December 31, 2008

20/20 Plus Vision Mirror

Our 20/20 vision mirror is a wide angle rear view mirror made with coated optic technology. We think they’re very effective in eliminating blind spots, especially in wagons. If you don’t feel it’s as effective as we say, return it for a full refund up to a year after the date of purchase. Fits all Volvos 1972 to 2000. Easily installs in under five minutes. Innovative mounting should fit most other cars, too. Will interfere with normal sun visor operation. Please note that this product may take up to a week of use before you become comfortable with the increased information provided by the wide field of view. Also if you use the sun visors often, this product is probably not for you.

20/20 vision mirror (17” x 2 3/4”)

Life Hammer

It’s not something we like to think about but automobile accidents happen everyday. We see vehicles smashed at intersections, sidelined in the middle of the freeway, even upside down in roadside ditches.

What if it happens to you? Your seat belt will save your life but what about after the accident? How will you get out? Even punching and kicking windshields and side windows won’t get you very far.

Don’t worry. We’ve got the perfect solution. The Life Hammerª. It could be the most important thing, after your seat belt, that you have in your car.

Two steel points enable you to easily shatter a side window without doing harm to yourself. And the recessed razor-sharp blade cuts through jammed seatbelts with one slice.

The Life Hammer comes in a holder that mounts easily to the floor and has a luminescent pin that makes it easy to find in the dark.

Life Hammer

Co-pilot Map Light by Osram

This is a great lamp with a brilliant halogen bulb that only draws 5-watts of current. Position the flexible gooseneck arm in any position, leaving your hands free for other tasks. Perfect for any automotive interior. Read a map, chart or book without disturbing the driver. The lamp has an oversized switch on top for easy on-off operation. Choose from two different models. Our cigarette lighter co-pilot simply connects to your cigarette lighter for bright, glare-free light exactly where you need it. The permanent mount version has a longer neck and stays put.

Co-pilot map light w/10” flex neck for cigarette lighter

Co-pilot map light w/20” flex neck for permanent mount

Tire Totes

Tire Totes protect your clothing and the interior of your car from tire and brake residue. The built-in handles make it much easier to carry the bulky tires to and from storage and the nice looking covers keep your shop or garage looking clean and organized. One size fits all passenger car tires and the rugged, long lasting construction of polyester and nylon means that these totes can be machine washed.

Also available is the Emergency Tire Tote for your spare tire. A clean, easy way to change flat tires, the emergency tire tote slides on over the flat tire and gives you built-in handles for grabbing and lifting. It comes in a compact storage pouch and includes a kneeling mat, tire changing instructions, protective gloves and a clean towelette. The Emergency Tire Tote tire carrying system provides motorists with an easy and clean way to handle the tire when changing a flat.

Seasonal Tire Totes kit: two “one-size-fits-all” tire bags

Emergency Tire Tote kit

Wheel Center Caps

We offer three center cap styles to fit most Volvo wheels since 1993. These should fit all wheels except for the 2000-2004 S40 and V40, which used a slightly smaller center cap. These caps measure 2.5” across the face and snap into wheel openings that are 60mm ID measured from the front of the wheel. We recommend that you double-check yours to make sure they’ll fit before ordering.

A. Standard Volvo replacement wheel center cap Black /Silver

B. Iron logo wheel center cap Blue/Silver/Chrome

C. ipd logo center cap Blue/Silver/Chrome

Valve Stem Caps

Put the finishing touch on your wheels with a set of these stylish Volvo valve stem caps, featuring the bold Volvo “IRON” logo in full color.

They fit any standard air valve system and feature an “O-ring seal”, ensuring consistent tire pressure and a clean valve orifice when removed. Periodically clean your Valve stem caps with mild soap and water to maintain a polished finish.

  • Kit includes 4 valve stem caps
  • Made from ABS plastic and finished in easy to maintain satin.
  • Caps include Volvo full-color Iron Mark logo with clear polyurethane doming
  • Fits all standard automotive air valves
  • O-ring seal protects and keeps valve orifice clean
  • Knurled head for easy on and off installation by hand

Volvo “IRON” logo valve stem caps

Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, November 05, 2008 through Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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