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October 2008 Newsletter for Rear Wheel Drive Models

Page 10: Fluid syringe, Funnel, Transmission flush hose, Vacuum emissions hose, Air intake hose, Air box thermostat valve, Camerons 240 project update

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Manual Transmission and Differential Fluid Syringe

On cars with overdrive, itís a good idea to remove the pan gasket and clean the filters to get most of the fluid out. After you fully drain and reassemble, simply draw the fluid out of the new fluid bottle and inject it into the filler hole. It takes only a few squirts until the fluid reaches the fill hole. Make sure you run the OD and recheck the level so you know that itís filled properly.

Transmission fluid syringe

Automatic Transmission Flush Hose

We have heard of customers being charged $150 to $200 for a power flush. You can now achieve similar results with our transmission flush hose kit. This kit is made up of a five-foot length of petroleum safe hose, along with all the proper fittings to connect to the upper transmission line at the radiator trans cooler port. With the included instructions, you can flush and replace the transmission fluid safely in about 15 minutes. Volvo recommends performing this service at 20,000 to 30,000 mile intervals to effectively double the life of the transmission. Throw in one of our in-line Magnefine filters, and your transmission might last as long as the rest of your Volvo!

All 4-cyl. 1975-95 BW55, AW70/71

Small Tip Funnel for A/T

Our funnel has a flexible tube so it can maneuver around the hoses near the filler and has a three-inch straight section that fits in the filler tube perfectly.

Plastic funnel

HD Vacuum Emission Hose Kit

Weíve seen a lot of 240 models with cracked and split rubber vacuum lines in the engine compartment as the lines become stiff and brittle with age. This creates vacuum leaks that can cause problems ranging from rough idle to failed emission tests. Take a quick look at the hoses in your car, if they show signs of aging consider our universal kit. Universal kit contains the two common line sizes to restore the vacuum system to its original condition Fabric wrapped for improved abrasion resistance. Kit includes 5ft. of 8mm hose and 12ft. of 3.5mm hose High-quality fabric-wrapped hoses resists splitting and abrasion.

Emissions rated fuel and oil resistant Vacuum hose kit

Brake booster vacuum hose (2 ft. needed)

Air Intake Hose

The plastic intake hose, located between the air mass meter and the throttle body, is often overlooked. Itís easy to miss a failed hose because the hose chafes against the inner fender and rubs through in an area that is not visible without removal. When doing a tune-up, always check the hose by moving it away from the fender to inspect the ribs. You will see if the ribs are chafed through by flexing the hose away from you. Replace the hose if necessary, and prevent future chafing by using a putty like butyl to insulate the hose from the fender.

240 series non-turbo 1983-93

Air Box Thermostat Valve

Many gas-powered 200, 700 and 900 series Volvos have a simple, thermostatically-controlled shutter valve in the air filter box. Generally, the thermostatic valve will fail in the pre-heated air position. This routes super heated air to the air mass meter, resulting in an incorrect lean fuel mixture which can cause stalling, hesitation and, in severe cases, bucking at cruising speeds, as if the fuel were momentarily shut off. Left unchecked, the air mass meter will soon fail (a very expensive part)! Check your system on a day when the temperature is above 60įF ambient. The valve should be fully open, directing fresh air flow into the box (not from the pre-heat side). If itís not, then you should replace it. Also, if the valve fails to reach full extension at hot and cold extremes, replace it.

200 series non-turbo (1982-93), 700 series all (1984-92)

Cameronís 240 Wagon Project Update

By Cameron Daline

In our last newsletter I wrote the first in a series of articles on my 240 project wagon. With the chassis upgrades ďdoneĒ the next focus for the car is the powerplant and drivetrain. There are quite the plans afoot for this part of the project and as usual with big plans there have been some big delays! As of this writing the major mechanicals are in the machine shop getting the machining and prep work done for assembly of the new motor. We will be partnering with another local company here in Portland, Oregon on this motor build and with some luck weíll be putting together a very cool motor that should lay down some serious power. Look for detailed specs, pictures and assembly details in our next issue! If you have any questions on this project feel free to email me at cameron@ipdusa.com.

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, October 07, 2008 through Friday, November 28, 2008

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