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October 2008 Newsletter for Rear Wheel Drive Models

Page 9: Oxygen sensors, MAF cleaner, Throttle body cleaner, Overdrive fix kit, Tailshaft bushing repair kit

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Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, October 07, 2008 through Friday, November 28, 2008

Lambda/Oxygen Sensors Reduce Emissions

An oxygen sensor allows your engine to run as smoothly as possible, because it measures the exhaust gases and relays information to the fuel system control unit. With this information, the control unit can fine-tune the fuel mixture for optimum fuel economy and power. A dead oxygen sensor can also lead to significant idle and performance problems.

All models (universal fit) single wire 1977-84

All models (universal fit) 3-wire 1985-93

240 series w/single wire B21F, B23F 1982-84

240 series B21FT 1981-85

240 series B230F 1988-93

200, 700 series B230F 1985-87

700 series B230FT 1985-89

700, 900 series B230F, B234F 1988-93

260, 760 series V6 1980-86

700, 940 series turbo B230FT 1990-93

940 series non-turbo B230 1994-95

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner is the safe and effective alternative to ďundergroundĒ methods of MAF sensor cleaning. Donít use aggressive chemicals like brake parts cleaners or carburetor cleaners on MAF sensors. These can cause serious damage to sensitive parts. Use CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner -- Itís the right product for the job! It safely and easily cleans the MAF hotwires and electrical components without damage to the wires or plastic housing. Cleaning is simple, safe and fast. The whole job should take less than 10 minutes! Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner benefits and features:

  • Safely cleans and protects MAF Sensors Plastic-safe and leaves no residue
  • Increases horsepower Decreases hesitation and pinging
  • Improves fuel economy and MPG
  • Reduces rough idle

Use every time you clean or change your air filter.

Air mass meter cleaner for all 1982-1993 models

Ground shipping only for this product

Throttle Body Cleaning Kit

We get a lot of calls about Volvos (1982 and later) that will not idle consistently, idle too high, or may be hard to start. As with most running problems, the first suspect is not always the culprit. In other words, the idle motor may not actually be the problem, and replacing it may not always correct the idle. Often, the cause is a sticky throttle body that simply needs cleaning. This kit outlines the step-by-step procedure for removal, cleaning and resetting of the throttle body on 1982 and newer LH jetronic cars. It includes the throttle plate gasket, cleaning brush, cleaner solution and complete photo instructions. For use on all 1986-95 4-cylinder gas models and 1982-85 models with LH electronic fuel injection.

1982-95 4-cylinder Volvos throttle body cleaning kit

Ground shipping only due to the nature of this product.

Automatic Transmission Overdrive Fix it Kit

If the overdrive has stopped functioning in your 1983-1995 240, 740 or 760 with automatic transmission we now have an economical fix for the most common failures. The most common failures are the relay, the solenoid and wiring which can run well over a hundred dollars to trouble shoot and repair. Our new Solenoid block off kit, bypasses the entire system and allows the trans to shift in and out of overdrive automatically. How many times have you used the OD button on the shift lever to shift down for hills or while towing? Itís really not necessary for most drivers.

200, 700, 900 1983-95 OD solenoid bypass plate

Automatic Transmission Tailshaft Bushing Repair

Kit A worn tailshaft bushing is a common failure in Volvo automatic transmissions that leads to fluid leaks and eventual clunking under load. Replacing the seal may stop the leak for a few weeks, but if any discernable play can be felt in the tailshaft, the bushing must be replaced to prevent future leaks and more serious damage to the transmission. Itís necessary to remove the entire tailshaft housing to press out the bushing and press in a replacement. We have a kit available that includes the bushing, seal and housing gasket.

Gasket, bushing and rear seal kit 1976-93

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, October 07, 2008 through Friday, November 28, 2008

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