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October 2008 Newsletter for Rear Wheel Drive Models

Page 8: Magnetic oil drain plug, Oil filter magnet, Fuel filters, In line magnetic filters

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Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, October 07, 2008 through Friday, November 28, 2008

Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

Prevent abrasive particles from recirculating through your oil pump and back into the pressurized system with our magnetic drain plug. This plug catches and holds metal particles as they drain into the oil pan.Youll be able to spot deteriorating engine conditions easily. Plug includes a seal ring.

4 cylinder all drain plug w/seal*

960, 90 series drain plug w/seal

4 cylinder all additional copper seal ring*

960, 90 series additional aluminum seal ring*

*Not for V6 or diesel.

Oil Filter Magnet

Capture every microspeck of metal that causes engine wear. Debris that your oil filter alone might not be able to screen. Made of a strong, flexible silicone this oil resistant magnet withstands temperatures up to 500F. Simply attach it to the outside of your oil filter and let it do the work. The super strong rare earth magnet begins working immediately to power clean your oil. Your oil and your engine will continue to get cleaner month after month through normal driving and proper maintenance. The permanent rare earth magnet will never wear out, so youll enjoy a lifetime of protection that goes far beyond conventional mechanical filtration.

Oil filter magnet

Fuel Filters

How long has it been since the fuel filter on your Volvo was changed? If youre not sure, it would be a good idea to replace it at your next oil change or tune-up to prevent loss of performance or related problems. Under normal conditions, its safe to replace the fuel filter at 30,000 miles or 2-year intervals. When changing the filter, it is very important to use safe handling procedures and be prepared for fuel spillage. Consult the appropriate workshop manual for specifics. To ensure a leak-free installation, always install new copper sealing washers (included with most of our filters). Also keep in mind that any foreign debris in the output side of the filter or fuel line could cause serious problems in the fuel system. It is very important to measure your fuel filter on 1975-80 240 series. Its the only way to be sure to get the correct one.

200 series - 1975-80 K Jet. - 2 1/8 x 4 1/8 long

200 series - 1975-80 K Jet. - 3 x 4 long

200, 700, 900 series - 1981-97 All gas K & LH Jet. - 3 1/8 x 4 7/8 long

200, 700, 900 series - 1977-95 All in-tank prepump filter sock

In-Line Magnetic Filters

Oil flows through your automatic transmission and power steering system to transmit power, lubricate parts and provide cooling. Contaminants such as dirt, metal fragments and fibers cause the oil to work like sandpaper. Instead of lubricating, the oil gradually wears out the parts its supposed to protect. Under normal conditions, the oil can be contaminated in just 25 hours of driving. These filters stop ferrous metal below the sub-micron level! The remaining metal and dirt is stopped by the paper element. Installing a Magnefine in-line filter will remove 99.997% of damaging contamination, making the oil cleaner than when your vehicle left the factory. And it will keep it that way. Fits most Volvo models.

Automatic transmission filter (for 5/16 lines)

Power steering filter (for 3/8 lines)

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, October 07, 2008 through Friday, November 28, 2008

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