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October 2008 Newsletter for Front Wheel Drive Models

Page 10: RIP kit blems, strut brace, anti-sway bars, photo contest results

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Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, October 01, 2008 through Friday, November 28, 2008

Rip Kit Blems

ipd's new reverse intercooler piping kit (RIP kit) reverses the routing of the induction tubing in turbo charged Volvo's from 1995-1998. ipd's kit routes the hot turbo air to the top of the intercooler and routes the cool air out the bottom. This change in routing reduces the heat that is inducted into the intercooler outlet air. Since heat rises, routing the air out the bottom of the intercooler reduces outlet temperature an average 12 degrees centigrade when measured at the throttle body inlet. The ipd RIP kit design is also 14 inches shorter than factory induction routing which results in increased throttle response and less boost lag. Made from only two tubing pieces and 5 silicone connectors the ipd kit is the easiest on market to install. Get the most from your turbo Volvo with the ipd reverse intercooler piping kit.

*We've been listening to our customers ask for more from the ipd RIP kit and now you've got it! ipd's RIP kit is now powder coated instead of brushed stainless to increase the resistance to heat soak and allow for easy cleaning and better appearance under the hood. We've added this new feature but kept the price the same without changing the quality or material of our pipes. If you want quicker throttle response and lower boost temps so you can get more power from your Volvo, ipd's RIP kit is for you. During our testing we found a 12 degree centigrade drop in charge temps and 14 inches of reduced piping length, and we were able to run an additional 3 pounds of boost without needing any changes to our tuning. Still the easiest kit available to install, just two pipes and five silicone connectors. Kit comes complete with T bolt clamps and step by step instructions.

In our last batch of RIP kits we got a few that were not cosmetically perfect. The powder coat had some light hazing in some areas and a few of the welds had some minor slag remaining. Very minor stuff, but they couldn’t be sold as new, so now’s your chance to get the best RIP kit available and save $75 bucks! Fits all 1994-1998 850, S70, V70 & C70 models.

ipd RIP kit with minor cosmetic blems, regularly $395.00, now only $320.00 while limited stock lasts!

RIP kit blems

RIP kit

Strut Brace

Adding performance shocks, stiffer springs and wide low-profile tires puts additional stress on the front strut towers. Our strut brace connects both towers reducing movement and flex under high cornering loads.

This aluminum cross brace is made of sturdy 14 gauge boxed aluminum extrusion with reinforced laser cut steel mounting feet. For left hand drive vehicles only. Easy 30 minute installation.

Strut Brace for 850 models

ipd Anti-Sway Bars The Best Upgrade You’ll Ever Make

Free front or rear endlinks with purchase of any sway bar set!

If you really enjoy driving your Volvo, but occasionally find yourself wishing it handled a little better, you should seriously consider having an ipd safety anti sway bar system installed. Our sway bar kits are now powder coated blue and have been the number one top selling suspension upgrade for Volvos for over 20 years and if you spend a few minutes on the web you’ll see why. Volvo owners around the world consistently give ipd swaybar kits excellent reviews for enhanced performance and safety. Flatter cornering, quicker response to steering input, increased margin of safety and a much more comfortable ride for you and your passengers due to reduced body roll.

850, 70 series (FWD) 1993-2000 25mm front, 22mm rear

C70 1998-2005 25mm front, 22mm rear

70 series AWD including XC & R models 1998-2000 25mm front, 22mm rear

S60, V70 (except AWD) 2001-2007 25mm front, 22mm rear

S60 AWD, V70 AWD 2001-2007 25mm front, 22mm rear(1)

S60R (neutral balance kit) 2004-2007 25mm rear

S60R (track spec. w/ slight oversteer) 2004-2007 25mm front, 25mm rear

V70R (neutral balance kit) 2004-2007 25mm rear

V70R (track spec. w/ slight oversteer) 2004-2007 25mm front, 28mm rear

S40, V50 2004.5-2007 22mm rear bar

S80 (except AWD) 1999-2006 25mm front, 22mm rear

XC90 2.5T, V6, V8 2003-2007 25mm front, 28mm rear

(1) Not for “R” models.
NOTE: Upgrading the anti-sway bars on these models is a skill level 3 procedure. We generally recommend professional installation as it is necessary to lower the engine sub-frame and a vehicle lift makes the job easier than doing it on jack stands. Although the experienced do it yourselfer can accomplish the install, you should consult the installation instructions before attempting this job to be certain it is within your mechanical abilities.

HD Enlinks

Free front or rear endlinks with purchase of a set of sway bars!

Standard front anti-sway bar endlinks are known for their tendency to pop or click when they wear out. ipd's new heavy duty endlinks not only feature a polished ball for lower socket erosion, but also an increased rod diameter to reduce deflection under high load or when running our beefier safety anti-sway bars (12mm diameter vs. 10mm on the stock links). Simple installation into the factory position with no modifications required. Reap the reward of better design and higher performance and save a few bucks compared to the cost of original volvo replacements.

S80, V70, S60, XC90 2001-2007 Rear HD endlink

850, 70 series* 1993-2000 Front HD endlink

S40, V50, C30 2004.5-2007 Front HD endlink

C70 2006-2007 Front HD endlink

S80, V70, S60, XC90 2001-2007 Front HD endlink

*Priced as each, you will need quantity 2 to do one car

2008 Photo Contest Results

Heated debates among our staff over the last few weeks have nearly ruined an otherwise peacefull annual event. Okay, it wasn’t that bad but we have finally come to a conclusion to our 2008 ipd photo contest. We have the overall winner as well as the winners of the front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and vintage categories below. To check out all the entries, visit ipdusa.com for a video slideshow.

Grand Prize Winner -Tommy Maloney - 2004 S60R

Front Wheel Drive Category Winner - Phil Langford - 2001 C70

Rear Wheel Drive Category Winner - Bailey Sampson - 1988 245

Vintage Category Winner - Eric Simpson - 1966 122

Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, October 01, 2008 through Friday, November 28, 2008

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