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July 2008 Newsletter for Vintage Models

Page 5: bushings, shocks and new products

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Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, July 02, 2008 through Friday, August 29, 2008

ipd Suspension Bushing Kits

If your Volvo doesn’t track straight down the road or you’ve had difficulty getting the front end properly aligned, the suspension bushings may be worn or broken. Clunking sounds when driving on rough or graveled roads, squeaking noises over railroad tracks or intersections are also key indicators of bushing problems. If you’re unfamiliar with how your Volvo’s suspension works, give us a call as our staff is well trained in diagnosing Volvo suspension problems and we’ll be glad to steer you in the right direction.

Replace all the bushings in your front or rear suspension with our premium quality bushings and you’ll notice a stable and tight new-car-feel. A truly noticeable difference!

And when you buy our bushing kits, you’ll save money over the single bushing price. Each kit includes top quality bushings appropriate for your model. We recommend professional installation. Definitely not a job for inexperienced or even moderately experienced do-it-yourselfers

Front Bushing Kits

122 all - 1962-65

122 all - 1962-65

122 all - 1966-70

122 all - 1966-70

1800 - 1963-65

1800 - 1963-65

1800 - 1966-73

1800 - 1966-73

140 series

140 - 1970-74

140 - 1970-74

NOTE: Part numbers with a “P” at the end use much improved polyurethane bushings in key locations.

Rear Bushing Kits

PV544 - 1957-on

122 sedan - 1961-66

122 wagon - 1962-69

122 - 1967

122, 1800 - 1967-68

122, 1800 - 1967-68

122 sedan - 1968-70*

122 sedan - 1968-70

1800 - 1962-66

1800 - 1968-73*

140 series - 1967-73

140 - 1974

164 - 1975 only

NOTE: Part numbers with a “P” at the end use much improved polyurethane bushings in key locations.

* If lower rear bushing is a butterfly shape with rubber outside, use MA8K0039. If in doubt, call for assistance.

Bilstein and Koni Shocks

Bilstein HD shocks are adaptive. Bilstein’s patented Digressive Valving System takes the sharp edges off impacts, giving a smooth ride on the road. Pushing the shocks harder results in greater resistance so the shock essentially adapts itself to a wide range of input from the road surface. Excellent for both stock and lowered suspensions. Lifetime warranty.

Koni shocks are adjustable. They’re ready to install right out of the box (and are sold in matched pairs). Compression values are constant, however the rebound characteristics are adjustable across a fairly wide range for the driver who wants even more aggressive damping. They work well on both stock and lowered suspensions.

What about the other shocks?
Bilstein TC (Touring Class) shocks are an alternative to the HD (Heavy Duty) shocks. They’ll work on a lowered car, however we don’t recommend them for these applications because their damping characteristics are on the mild side of what’s required to control the movement of the higher spring rates. Lifetime warranty.

KYBs are gas charged and are not adjustable. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Bilstein and Koni applications, this is the one. KYBs don’t adjust and aren’t digressively valved, so you’ll get a real feel for the road surface. These are firm riding shocks. KYBs are not for use on lowered cars but work well with either stock or overload coils.

Monroe shocks are the closest thing to stock available. If you liked the way your Volvo drove when it was new (if you can remember those days!), this is the shock to choose. Two year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Still confused?
Call us with any questions you might have or check our website for more detailed information.

Bilstein Touring Shocks for 140

140 1968-74 - Front

140 1968-74 - Rear*

KYB Gas-A-Just Shocks (Prices are for each)

122, 1800 All - Front

122 sdn, 1800 All - Rear

122 wgn All - Rear

140, 160 1967-75 - Front

140, 160 1967-74 - Rear*

* KYB cannot be used on lowered 122,1800.

Koni Shocks

122, 1800 - Front

122 excpt wgn, 1800 - Rear

Bilstein HD Shocks

122 sedan, 1800 All - Front

122 sedan, 1800 All - Rear

140, 164 1967-74 - Front

140, 164 1967-74 - Rear*

164E 1975 - Front

164E 1975 - Rear

Monroe Shocks

122 sedan, 1800 all - Front

122 sedan, 1800 all - Rear

122 wagon all - Rear

Tech Tip - Shocks

By: ipd staff

In England an automotive shock absorber is referred to as a “damper’. This is probably a better name as it more accurately describes what this part of your car does. As a car passes over the up hill side of a bump the springs in the suspension system are compressed. On the down hill side the springs extended. If that’s all there was to it you wouldn’t like it very much. The problem with this simple system is the springs will always over compress on the uphill side and over extend on the down hill side. The feeling in the car would be similar to a small boat in a rough sea. It would make you sick. A shock absorber damps or slows down this motion and keeps the spring under control. It makes the ride much more comfortable and a lot safer.

A shock absorber works by forcing hydraulic oil through small holes as the shock moves. There are different holes for extension and compression. By adjusting these hole sizes and the valves that go with them, shock absorbers can be “tuned” to provide a particular result. Regular shocks offer good control with a focus on a comfortable ride. High performance shocks typically have tighter control and make the car ride a little bit stiffer. But they do offer much better control at higher speeds.

Many shock absorbers contain pressurized nitrogen gas in them as well as the hydraulic oil. If a shock has to react very rapidly to an up and down motion the hydraulic oil can start to foam. This foam causes the shock to lose some of its control. The purpose of the gas in the shock is to keep the oil under pressure so it is less likely to foam. This is the same reason a can of soda that been shaken is still a liquid until you pop the top. The foam doesn’t start until the pressure is released.

At IPD we carry KYB, Koni and Bilstein shock absorbers. Each has particular advantages depending on your driving style and condition. Let us know what you want your car to do and we can probably suggest the best shock for you needs.

ipd Anti-Sway Bars

If you know ipd, you already know that we’ve pioneered anti-sway bar setups for Volvos for more than 40 years. We make them for other vehicles too - and in some cases, the original manufacturer has copied our designs and integrated them into their own production line. Think about that. Our bars were proven so superior to the original equipment that they BECAME original equipment.

Cars continue to evolve and handling characteristics that were once available only on high end exotics are now commonplace. If you’re like us (and you must be, or you wouldn’t be reading this), you prefer to drive a Vintage Volvo rather than a newer, less interesting car.

The sway bars we started selling as performance improvements (which they are) are the same sway bars we’ve been selling as safety improvements (because they are). They’ll give your old Volvo handling characteristics that 1) put it in a class well above most other ‘old cars,’ and 2) get it well on its way to handling with the same panache as much newer machinery while retaining its Vintage charm.

You won’t believe the improvement and you’ll wish you’d bought a set sooner. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone who’s tried them! Satisfaction Guaranteed, period. They really are that good.

444, 544 up to 1965 - 25mm front, 19mm rear (1)(2)

122, 1800w/ 2.25” axle tubes 1962-66 - 28mm front, 19mm rear (1)

122, 1800 w/ 2.50” axle tubes 1967-69 - 28mm front, 19mm rear

122S wagon All - 28mm front, 19mm rear (1)

1800E, ES 1970-73 - 28mm front, 19mm rear

140 series 1967-74 - 25mm front, 19mm rear

*Drilling required for rear bar installation on all models.

(1) Early cars may need holes drilled for front bar installation.

(2) Limited supply - Call for more information.

6K5004 Reviewed by Pete from the Florida panhandle

I coupled the Front/Rear sway bar kit with a set of Sport Springs on my ‘72 ES and the changes by adding them is startling to say the least! Cornering at speed is a joy - flat, hardly any boy roll or lean at all. Although it was easy to get a little too agressive cornering, I felt in control at all times with the way they helped keep the car flat, like it was on a set of tracks. Installation is a breeze, just don’t get aqualube on your hands when you use it on the bushings - it is a bear to get off:-) I highly recommend them for a better, and safer feeling ride.

Chassis ID Plate

If the chassis ID plate in your 1961 to 1964 Jensen P1800 has seen better days, you can now replace it with an authentic reproduction. Plates come blank and are made using the latest transfer technology to stand up to the harsh environment in the engine compartment much better than the originals. Your model specific info can be easily transferred to the blank plate using common 3/16” letter and number punch sets available at most hardware stores.

Jensen P1800 chassis plate - 1800 - 1961-1963.5

Chrome Headlight Rings

One of the first things someone will notice about a vintage Volvo is the condition of the grilles and headlight rings. These rings are OE grade and highly polished for that “better than new” look. You’ll need to wear shades.

Headlight rings 122 all
$73.99113064VOLVO OE

Headlight rings 1800 all
$122.37113063VOLVO OE

Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, July 02, 2008 through Friday, August 29, 2008

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