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March 2008 Newsletter for Rear Wheel Drive Models

Page 4: Exhaust Systems

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Sale pricing valid from Thursday, March 27, 2008 through Friday, May 23, 2008

Replacement Exhaust - 200

It’s inevitable that your Volvo’s exhaust system will wear out. When it does, choose a quality system from ipd. Complete system consists of front muffler, under axle pipe, rear muffler, tailpipe, clamps, and rubber hangers. Does not include head pipe, catalytic converter or pipe from catalytic converter to first muffler. Made of aluminized steel by Starla/Walker.

240 Non-turbo B21, B23, B230 1977-93

240 Turbo (not shown) 1981-85

Hi-Flow Sport Exhaust System - 200

Using components from the Volvo 240 turbo and some custom parts from ipd, we’ve put put together a package that delivers a five to six HP performance increase you can feel with a pleasant, deep exhaust note (not too loud). This system uses 2-1/4” pipe and a single rear turbo muffler vs. the two mufflers and 2” pipe on the stock system.

Includes everything needed to install, including our custom adapter, hangers and instructions. (Fits in the original location, starts where original front muffler connects.)

200 series non-turbo (sport system) 1977-93

Original Style Replacement Exhaust - 700/900

Nothing can ruin your image faster than driving your luxury Volvo around with a poor exhaust system. Bring back that original peace and quiet with an OEM style cat-back exhaust system. (Does not fit 16 valve). Includes new hangers and clamps.

740, 940 series non-turbo 1985-95

Non-Turbo Sport Exhaust - 700/900

You asked for it, so here it is. On the heels of our very successful 240 Hi-Flow sport system comes the 700 series system. Using components from the 740 turbo and some adapters we’ve put together a performance package for the non-turbo cars. It adds a little throaty growl without annoying the neighbors and improves power and throttle response.

Includes everything needed for installation including new hangers and clamps.

(Fits in the original location starting at back of the cat pipe.)

700, 900 series non-turbo 1985-95

Economy Universal Exhaust Tip

If you just want an economical tip to replace a corroded or burnt out stock exhaust tip, our budget priced kit includes everything you need for a bolt-on installation. Cutting is required for most models. Tip features a nice conservative 15¡ angled profile, quality stainless steel construction and adjusts to fit from 1-1/2” pipes up to 2-1/2.” Also includes an extension required for proper positioning on some models.

Economy universal exhaust tip

Exhaust Gaskets & Hangers200 series

1962-93 o-ring hanger, front muffler (large) use 2

200 series 1975-93 hanger, RR muffler - use 2

700, 900 series 1983-on exhaust hanger, front muffler

200, 900 series 1983-on exhaust hanger, rear muffler

240 series 1975-90 flange gasket (dual pipe)

200 series non-turbo 1977-93 flange gasket (catalytic convertor) 3 bolt

240 series turbo 1981-85 o-ring seal at cat outlet

B21, B23, B230 1976-on exhaust manifold to cylinder head gasket set

exhaust clamp (2”)

exhaust clamp (2-1/4”)

exhaust clamp (2-1/2”)

Sale pricing valid from Thursday, March 27, 2008 through Friday, May 23, 2008

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