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March 2008 Newsletter for Rear Wheel Drive Models

Page 3: Community News, ipd Staff Pages, Links, Tech Tips and a Grain of Salt, 2008 ipd garage sale

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By: Cameron Daline

New IPD Staff Pages
So really how nuts are all of us Volvophiles at ipd? Do we really tinker with our Volvos all of the time? Can anyone actually like these cars that much? Honestly, the answer is a resounding Y-E-S. One of our former employees, Shayne Green, was known to remark “We’re all here because we’re not all there!” Given, most of us also have other hobbies, but if I’m being honest, I really like to tell people I have other hobbies to make my love for Volvos seem less all consuming. The truth is that I can’t help but take a second glance at every Volvo I see stunners and beaters alike. Because of this obsession, many of us have had, and currently have, some pretty interesting projects. Our staff is made up of motorcycle racers, drag racers, autocrossers, chefs, dog lovers, snowboarders and (take a deep breath) even a couple Subaru drivers. One of the new features of our website is a section for our employees to post info and pictures of what they’ve been up to. You can visit the page at www.ipdusa.com/teammembers.asp. Put a face to a name, read about turbo conversions done by our staff or just take a gander at us Volvo nerds. You can find full contact information for each staff member on their pages. Additionally we all update our personal pages as we progress with our projects so check back often.

Fun Volvo Links
Here’s some fun links covering different aspects of Volvo ownership and modification.

2008 ipd Garage Sale - Saturday May 17th

ipd’s 2008 garage sale is coming up May 17th and this year will be one of the best ever. Garage sale spots are already starting to fill up so if you’ve got some Swedish iron to show off or some parts and collectibles to swap, be sure to call 1-800-444-6473 or 503-257-7500 and reserve your spot right away! We’re also expecting to receive our pallets of new wheels right around the beginning of May so we’ll have a parking lot pallet sale for sets of wheels and of course our annual garage sale pricing specials for all of our exclusive ipd parts and accessories. Mark you calendars now and get ready for another great gathering of the cars we know and love.

Tech Tips and a Grain of Salt

By Lucky Arnold

Tech tips are one of my favorite features of ipd catalogs & newsletters. These tips have been compiled from our staff, our customers, and service techs in the field. Each time we publish a new tech tip the purpose is to hopefully share some inside info on how to perform a particular task, however these are merely methods that we have found useful and in no way are meant to indicate the only or best way to do the job. Have a tech tip you liked? Have a tech tip you’d like to publish? Send it in to lucky@ipdusa.com and you may find your words on our pages!

Sale pricing valid from Thursday, March 27, 2008 through Friday, May 23, 2008

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