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The Pushrod Newsletter - for vintage model Volvos

Page 5: carb synchronizer tool, carb components, fuel filters, choke bits, fuel pumps

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Sale pricing valid from Monday, February 04, 2008 through Friday, April 11, 2008

Carb Synchronizer Air Flow Tool

In the original SU carb tuning manuals, it was recommended to use a hose pressed against your ear to listen to the “hiss” sound coming from the opening of each carburetor. That sound, while listening to one carburetor at a time, would have told you whether or not your idle setting was in sync. A slight turn of the idle stop screw would change the pitch of the “hiss” and with a bit of patience, balance between the two carbs was potentially possible. Our tool takes carb tuning into the 21st century with an easy to read calibrated scale for “at-a-glance” comparison. A rubber adapter ensures an airtight fit for accuracy everytime. Will also work to set a synchronized fast-idle setting for when the choke is pulled.

Synchronizer tool

1 3/4” HS6 SU Carburetor Components

ipd offers parts to maintain the venerable 1 3/4-inch HS6 SU carburetors. From full rebuild kits to individual gaskets, we now stock everything you need to freshen up your intake system for smooth and efficient drive-ability. Note: Our full rebuild kits include new throttle shafts and bushings. A competent machinist should perform replacement of these components. Contact ipd for more details. These parts are not compatible with the later Stromberg carbs.

122, 1800, 140 B16, B18, B20 1957-69

SUHS6 (Grose Jet replaces float valve)

Gasket, HS6 float bowl

Master rebuild kit(does 2 carbs)
$179.33110323BURLEN (SU)

Right Jet
$44.30110324BURLEN (SU)

Left Jet
$44.30110325BURLEN (SU)

Red Piston spring

Plastic OE SU float
$25.88110328BURLEN (SU)

Carb to manifold gasket
$2.60110636BURLEN (SU)

SU gasket set for 3 bolt carb

Phenolic spacer
$27.14110450BURLEN (SU)

SU throttle return springs
$7.20110834BURLEN (SU)

Fuel Filters for Trouble-free Performance

Fuel filters should be changed every two years, especially on older cars which are prone to rust and scale in the fuel tank. Replace the filter to help keep contaminants away from carburetor jets and delicate fuel injectors. While you’re there, inspect the fittings that secure the filter and the fuel line for signs of age or wear - and always use caution when working with fuel system components.

A. 1957-72 All w/ carbs All Universal in-line filter (plastic)

B. 1800E/ES,140,164 1971-73 B20E/F,B30F D Jet. 2 1/2” x 2 7/8” long

Choke Bits

Volvo pushrod motors fitted with SU carburetors can be very hard to start without working chokes. Keeping the choke mechanism in working order can be as simple as good cable maintenance. Once the motor is running, it’ll run poorly if the chokes can’t be shut off; good sheath clamps are a real bonus here.

We are happy to present the proper fittings to keep the chokes working. In our experience there are no substitutes for these parts. (Not even superglue or duct tape, which, um, we’ve never tried anyway.)

Choke Cable Holder / screw

SU Choke Cable Sheath

Fuel Pumps

An inherently reliable part, a fuel pump often goes unrecognized as a long-lasting performer until it leaves you stranded and it becomes clear that even the most reliable parts have a life span. Our mechanical fuel pump for carbureted models comes with one gasket, but if you can’t remember the last time you had the fuel pump off, it’s a good idea to replace the spacer and purchase a second gasket. Lucky for you, our mechanical fuel pump kit has everything you’ll need for a complete replacement. Electric pumps for injected cars are original equipment, high quality Bosch replacement parts.

All with carbs B18, B20 1962-72 Mechanical fuel pump*

Fuel pump kit** B18, B20 1962-72 Mechanical fuel pump kit*

All with carbs B18, B20 1962-72 Fuel pump gasket*

All with carbs B18, B20 1962-72 Fuel pump spacer*
$11.60101552VOLVO OE

Injected models B20 1970-74 Rubber mnt (isolator) for main pmp (2 used)*

*not for cars with fuel injection
** Includes pump, spacer, both gaskets

Sale pricing valid from Monday, February 04, 2008 through Friday, April 11, 2008

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