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January 2008 Newsletter for Rear Wheel Drive Models

Page 15: cooling system maintenance, cooling fan clutches and belts

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Cooling System Maintenance

By: David Fairchild, ipd customer

Keeping your car cool would seem to be the last of your worries in the dead of winter. However, engines can overheat even in very cold conditions. The other important factor is keeping you warm. Good cooling system maintenance will take care of both. The thermostat is the place to start.

The thermostatís job is to get the engine up to temperature as fast as possible. Itís good for your engine and itís also good for your cold feet! Replacing the thermostat is easy on most models. Replacing the thermostat requires draining the coolant and itís a good time to think about some related maintenance. Take a look at the radiator and heater hoses. If they seem at all brittle or you can see surface cracks, they may need replacing. If you canít remember the last time you changed them, itís probably time. Look at the hose connections on the radiator. On the plastic tank models these connections can become brittle and crack off. If this happens, even on the coldest day, youíre stranded. Water pump leaking? Look for a trail of dried coolant leading down from the water pump. Antifreeze is usually a bright red or green color.

If you have the coolant removed from the engine it might be a good time to replace it. In most cases the suggested change interval is two years. Remember coolant does a lot more than protect the cooling system from freezing. Antifreeze (coolant) contains anti corrosive components that deplete with age. This can cause big problems on any engine that has a lot of aluminum components (all Volvos). The correct coolant to water ratio for most brands is 50/50 - half of each. Fan belts are another good thing to look at. They have a bad habit of breaking at start up on the coldest day of the year. Look for small cracks on the surface of the belt that touches the pulleys. If you see a lot chances are itís time for replacement.

IPD also caries a great collection of parts for your heater. From blower motors to heater cores and fan switches, chances are we have it. If the heater blower motor on your 240 is squealing, it may not last too much longer. We have complete kits that contain detailed instructions, so maybe you can do it yourself. Take care of your cooling system and it will take care of you. Your engine and your cold feet will thank you.

Cooling Fan Clutches and V-Belts

As 200 and 700 series approach 150K to 200K miles and more on the odometer, fan clutch failures become more common. If you donít hear the high flow whoosh of the fan clutch engaging occasionally and are experiencing cooling problems, especially at low speeds, you should have the fan clutch checked.

Cooling Fan and Clutch

200, 700 series B21,B23,B230 1976-93 fan clutch (for white plastic fan)*

200, 700 series B21,B23,B230 1976-93 fan blade (white)*

*Some 1976-79 models were equipped with one-piece clutch/fan units, which are no longer available. These are easily identified by the aluminum fan blades. To upgrade to the newer version above, youíll need to order both parts and also get a set of 6mm studs and lock nuts for mounting the clutch to the water pump.


240 series B20 1975 alternator/water pump, 10 x 888mm

200, 700 series B21, B23 1976-83 alternator/water pump (2 reqíd.), 10 x 925mm

240 series B230F 1984-93 alternator/water pump (2 reqíd.), 10/9.5 x 918mm

240 series B230 1985-92 air conditioning, 10 x 850mm*

240 series B230 1985-92 air conditioning, 13 x 975mm*

240 series B230 1985-92 power steering (with A/C), 10 x 850mm

200 series B21, B23 1977-84 power steering (with A/C), 13/12.5 x 1075mm

200 series B21, B23, B230 1977-89 power steering (without A/C), 10 x 938mm

200 series B21, B23 1976-84 air conditioning, 13 x 925mm

700 series B23FT 1984 (2 reqíd) alternator, 10/9.5 x 918mm

700 series B23 1984 power steering with A/C, 13/12.5 x 1075mm

700 series B230 1985-87 alternator, 11.9 x 1013mm

700, 940 series B230 1988-95 alternator, 11.9 x 1000mm

700, 940 series B230F 1985-95 power steering, 11.9 x 1013mm

700, 940 series B230FT 1985-95 power steering, 11.9 x 1000mm

700, 940 series B230 all 1985-92 air conditioning, 13 x 975mm

940 series MT only B230 all 1993-95 air conditioning, 13 x 975mm

940 series MT only B230 all 1993-95 power steering, 10 x 850mm

*NOTE: Two sizes used -please measure before ordering.

Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, January 16, 2008 through Friday, March 21, 2008

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