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January 2008 Newsletter for Front Wheel Drive Models

Page 7: Intercoolers and That Anton Guy

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Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, January 09, 2008 through Friday, March 14, 2008

That Anton Guy

By: Anton I.

Anton is our friend from Chile who has an affinity for Volvo’s just like us. So we thought we would do a feature on what he has done to make his S70 his own. Be sure to see the rest of the photos Anton sent us at www.ipdusa.com/pg-26/

“Basically, I bought that Volvo because there is 2 in Chile and one 850R and I knew that are very FAST Car with luxury equipment. When I bought the car, was Completly stock, Interior as New (All VolvoMaintance).

After I get, I Start to modified the Spring, and and shocks. Where I live, there are many fast car, and one of them, is ME. I use everyday For going to my Work, TRACK DAY, etc. The car as REALLY NEW.”

The list of upgrades installed on this car is lengthy, so we listed just a few of our favorites below.


  • H&R Springs
  • Bilsteins Shocks (Yellow)
  • New TD-04-18T Turbo
  • Iridium Spark Plugs
  • ipd Instrument Trim Rings
  • ipd Pillar Pod + AEM Wide Band
  • ipd Porsche Front Brake Upgrade
  • ipd “R” Rear Caliper + ipd Rear Adaptor + “R” Rotors
  • ipd Walbro 255L/Hr Fuel Pump
  • ipd “R” Door Lock Pins (silver) AWESOME...
  • ipd Upper Engine Stabilizer Mount
  • QBM Performance Firewall Mount
  • ipd Aluminum Strut Brace
  • ipd Race Brake Lines
  • Volvo Moose Decal Race

Performance Intercooler

ipd’s new performance intercooler has a 30% larger core, all aluminum construction and is a direct bolt in -- compatible with both factory or aftermarket RIP kit intercooler piping. Featuring high flow & high effi ciency bar and plate core construction, the intercooler makes an excellent addition to Stage III cars and cars running larger turbos. The stock intercooler does a great job with the stock turbo, but as soon as you upgrade the turbo, you can easily exceed the heat shedding capabilities of the stock unit under high load runs, which can lead to a loss of up to 12 HP. Does not require the removal of the air conditioner condensor like some kits. volvospeed.com members receive special pricing on this item. Log on and check it out.

To see video of ipd's performance intercooler click here.

ipd Intercooler Upgrade 850 1993-97, V/S70 1998-2000

ipd Intercooler Upgrade C70 1998-2005

Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, January 09, 2008 through Friday, March 14, 2008

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