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Vintage Newsletter - March 2012

Page 5: Fender Gripper, Electronic Ignition, Bosch Fuel Injection Manual, Air Filters, Fuel Filters

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Sale pricing valid from Thursday, March 22, 2012 through Monday, May 07, 2012

Fender Gripper

The Fender Gripper clings to painted material and holds tools at a near 90 degree angle, impervious to motor oil, coolant, lacquer thinner, brake fluid, etc. Made from strong PVC material reinforced with nylon mesh, soft and cushioned for protection with a non-slip finish the Fender Gripper is completely washable. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of touch up paint. Dimensions: 22” X 34”

The Fender Gripper Reviewed by Stan Marion from Winston-Salem, NC I was in the middle of PCV replacement plus turbo coolant lines, and to reach some of the components you have to be “on your head” in the engine bay. This means you are all over the fenders and I was in constant fear of scratching the paint.

I ordered two of these and they work perfect. They stay put and unlike my old beach towels they don’t wad up and offer much more protection. When you are done just roll ‘em up for easy storage.

Fender Gripper

Ignitor® Electronic Ignition by Pertronix ‚Ä®for all 4 cylinder models 1962-74

There is a way that you can easily and economically upgrade your ignition in your Vintage Volvo. The Pertronix system means no more fussing with points or a condenser. This small unit fits inside the distributor with a simple two wire connection to the coil. The igniter system operates magnetically so there are no moving parts to wear out. By installing this system, you might even be able to salvage your distributor if the point lobes aren’t worn out. Pertronix provides strong spark throughout the entire rpm range and years of maintenance free performance.

BOSCH Dist. # - Part Number
001(cast iron)*
002 (JFR4 cast iron)*
003 (JFR4 cast iron)*
003 (aluminum D-jet)
007 (aluminum)
009 (cast iron)*
010 (aluminum)
012 (JFR4)
021 (aluminum)
033 (aluminum)
Diode wire kit

TECH TIP: The Benefits of Electronic Ignition in a Vintage Volvo

One of the more common questions we hear from customers who own pre-1975 B18 or B20 powered Volvos is ‘how do I get rid of my problematic ignition points?’ This is usually motivated by two elements: first, these distributors are now decades old and the shafts develop lateral slop that makes adjusting the points to the proper gap difficult, if not impossible. Second, and regardless of the condition of the distributor, the points begin to wear as soon as they’re in use. Their condition begins to degrade immediately.

The Pertronix sensor unit mounts inside the distributor where the points used to be, with two wires leading out through the distributor. The system is triggered by a collar that fits on the distributor shaft just below the rotor. Inside this collar are 4 magnets, 90 degrees apart. As each magnet passes the Pertronix sensor, it triggers the coil. Just like the points would do, but without any mechanical contact and thus, without any component wear.

There are two wires on the Pertronix; one red and one black. Depending on what model you have and how it’s configured, there are several possible ways to connect the wires up. 140 series without tachometers are the simplest: the red wire connects to the + terminal on the coil, and the black wire connects to the - terminal. 122, 544 and early 1800 models that use the armored cable to protect the + wire require slightly more attention, and 1800 models with tachometers are more complicated still. Even so, installation should not take more than an hour and the end result of never having to deal with worn, pitted, burnt or sloppy points can really make the effort worthwhile.

If this is something you’d like to consider but aren’t sure whether the installation process is realistic for you, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have or you can follow the instructions that are included.

Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management by Bentley

If you know how to read and you own a multimeter, Charles Probst’s book “Fuel Injection and Engine Management” will help you to accurately diagnose problems you might have with your D-jet or K-jet fuel injection system. We’ve read every Bosch fuel injection book we can find; this one’s second only to the original Volvo ‘Green Books’ and is one we keep handy.
Bosch fuel injection manual
Air Filters Breathe easy! Good air flow for your car is as important as it is for us. Changing out your air filter is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give it the air it needs for maximum efficiency.

Paper filters are generally unserviceable, but this is not the case for K&N filters. If you already have one, or have had it on your wish list you may already know that these filters seemingly last forever with the proper care.

We have paper filters, K&N, and the K&N filter cleaning and care kit so everyone can breathe better with products from ipd.

140 1974 B20f and K-Jet
$26.95101553VOLVO OE
140 1973 with D-Jet
140 1967-1972 SU-HI F6
$12.95101546MAHLE140 1971-1973, 164 1971-1975, 1800 1970-1973 K&N Engine Air Filter Cone Style for D-Jetronic
$41.95101437K&N164 1973-1975 engine Air Filter
$26.95101544VOLVO OE
PV 1967-1968, 122 1967-1968, 1800 1967-1968 engine air filter element SU 3 Bolt
1800 1970-1973 engine air filter
PV 1962-1966, 122 1962-1966, 1800 1962-1966 engine air filter element pair SU 2 Bolt
PV 1962-1969, 122 1962-1967, 1800 1961-1968 K&N Engine Air Filter - 2 Bolt SU
1800 1970-1973 K&N Engine Air Filter

K&N Performance Air Filters

K&N filters are less restrictive than the original paper style filters and don’t contribute to the landfill. The original style is thrown in the trash after being used, while the K&N is cleaned and reinstalled. Under normal conditions, this servicing is required every 50,000 miles with the Filter care kit.

B18 w/SUHS6 2-bolt (2 required)*
140E, 1800E/ES direct manifold mount*
1800E/ES 1970-73
Filter care kit (oil and cleaner)
*Chromed end plates Note: Not available in 3 bolt S.U.

Fuel Filters for Trouble-free Performance

Ever try to drink out of a clogged straw? Are you asking your vintage Volvo to do the same? Making sure this is regular maintenance item will keep the fuel flowing freely.
Fuel Filter - 140 1967-1972, 1800 1961-1969, 122 1962-1970
Fuel Filter - 1401971-1973, 164 1971-1975, 1800 1970-1973
Fuel Filter with Copper Sealing Washers - 140 1974, 1976-1979, 1976-1979

Sale pricing valid from Thursday, March 22, 2012 through Monday, May 07, 2012

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