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The Transition Newsletter - March 2012

Page 4: Spark Plug Wires, Pollen Filters, Engine Air Filters, Oil Filters and Filter Tools

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Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, March 21, 2012 through Monday, May 07, 2012

ipd Spark Plug Wires

Our custom spark plug wires are made with a high quality 8mm silicone jacket and feature a spiral wound core for maximum electrical efficiency. Each wire set is custom designed for each application covering over 40 years of Volvo models. Engineered to meet and surpass OEM quality, our wire sets include factory style metal end connectors (where applicable). Each wire set includes spark plug and coil wires as well as dielectric grease used on the plug boots for easy removal at tune-up time.

850, 70 series 5 cyl - 1993-1998 - spark plug wires by ipd

Bougicord Spark Plug Wires

A properly tuned ignition system is one of the most important factors of any engine. It will keep your engine running smoothly, economically and will deliver the most power. The increased heat under the hood may lead to premature degradation of the ignition wires. These wires are made by the original equipment supplier to Volvo so you are assured of the best quality in replacement wires.

850, 70 series 1993-98
*1999 and later models have distributor-less ignitions and do NOT use plug wires.

Pollen Filters

Nearly all front wheel drive Volvo models are equipped with a cabin pollen filter which eliminates pollutants and pollen that would normally enter the passenger compartment. A plugged filter will not only reduce the comfort and protection you and your passengers enjoy against airborne contaminants, but can also shorten the life of the heater blower motor. When the filter becomes clogged, it significantly reduces the airflow through the climate control system, and increases the amount of work load put on the blower motor. For best protection, and to prolong the life of your heater blower motor, the filter should be replaced every 15-20,000 miles and even more frequent in highly dusty areas.Due to the complexity of listings, please select your vehicle from the product shopping page to ensure fitment.

Stock Replacement Air Filters

Easy to install and maintain — just discard and replace with a new one when needed. Check air filter every 10,000 miles. Replace it every 30,000 miles or more often in dirty or dusty conditions.Due to the complexity of listings, please select your vehicle from the product shopping page to ensure fitment.

K&N Reusable Air Filters

This filter has an international reputation for effective service under the most grueling conditions. Patented design utilizes surgical cotton in multi-layers, oiled and sandwiched between wire mesh. K&N filters not only clean the air, but also straighten the air flow. Under normal conditions cleaning and reoiling is not required until 50,000 miles (without loss of efficiency!)
850, 70 series - 1993-2000
C70 - 1998-2005

Filter care kit oil and cleaner

Change That Oil!

An overdue oil change will cause premature wear leading to oil burning, high hydrocarbon emmisions (HC), and eventually a blown engine! Oil changes are much cheaper than engines. Another problem related to neglected oil changes that Volvos are especially susceptible to is fouling of the crankcase ventilation system. As oil wears out, it looses the resistance to forming sludge and solids. This builds up in the crankcase ventilation system and commonly plugs up the flame trap filter. Once the filter is clogged, the engine will produce dangerously high crankcase pressure. This forces oil out of the engine seals and in some cases even blows the seals out of their seats and can cause the engine oil dipstick tube to pop out allowing oil to blow all over the engine compartment.

Mann and Mahle OEM Oil Filters

We’ve discovered that OEM filters are manufactured by both Mahle and Mann, depending on the application. We carry what Volvo carries, so you can be sure that you’re getting OEM, whichever model you own. See descriptions below for details.

Screw-on Filters (Mann)
850 (all), 70 series Turbo (1998 only)
70 series non-Turbo, 1998-1999
Case of 10
Filter Cartridge with O-ring (Mahle)
S70, V70 Turbo 1999-2000
S70, V70 non-Turbo 2000
C70 1999-2004
Case of 10 filter cartridges
Replacement plastic oil filter housing
Seal Rings for Drain Plugs
Aluminum seal ring (crush washer)
Note: Volvo states that the drain plug crush washer should be replaced at every oil change.

Oil Filter Housing

Generally the cartridge housing does not require replacement, however if it becomes cross threaded it can become difficult to install correctly which can lead to leaks. Also, it is not uncommon for the filter to be over tightened be a well meaning technician. As the engine heat cycles through use, the filter housing tightens up further, often leading to very difficult removal wherein some cases the housing will become damaged or stripped during removal. This is when you need a new housing. We’ve also heard that the housing can become brittle as it ages (60,000+ miles.)Volvo is a little unclear on when the cartridge style housing was first introduced. We believe 1999 Turbo models had the new cartridge style and 1999 non-turbo models still had the older spin on style. All models 2000 and newer have the cartridge style filter.The O-ring on the housing should be replaced at every filter service and is included with the filter.
Replacement Plastic Oil filter housing - Fits all that use 103882 filter above
*We believe 1999 Turbo models had the new cartridge style and 1999 non-turbo models still had the older spin on style. All models 2000 and newer have the cartridge style filter.

Oil Filter Cap Wrench & Filter Kit

Having the right tool makes all the difference and keeps the simple jobs simple. Starting in 1999 Volvo switched to a paper cartridge style oil filter that is encased in a plastic housing. Commonly this housing gets damaged or stripped from use of a strap style or clamp style wrench, making oil changes a hassle. We offer the right tool at a reasonable price that is perfect for this job and will keep the job simple in the future.The T2489 wrench is aluminum and is a great budget option for DIY’ers. Fits just right, and provides a nice long service life. T2489K comes with the wrench, along with a 3 pack of oil filters and 3 drain plug seal rings.For fitment see section B in the above oil filter applications for cars that use this wrench.
HD Oil filter cap wrench
HD Oil filter cap wrench and filter kit

Oil Filter Torque Wrench

Torque Limiting ratchet that prevents over tightening and damaging of plastic oil filter cartridge housings. The ratchet limits torque to 25 Nm (18 ft.lb.) and produces a clicking action when the correct torque is achieved (tighten until ratchet clicks.)The ratchet is not torque limited in counter-clockwise direction so it can be used to loosen an over-tightened housing. This wrench is perfect to use with our T2489 oil filter cartridge cap wrench.
Oil filter torque wrench

The Magnetic Drain Plug That Helps You Out!

Prevent abrasive particles from recirculating through your oil pump and back into the pressurized system with our magnetic drain plug. This plug catches and holds metal particles as they drain into the oil pan. You’ll be able to spot deteriorating engine conditions easily.
850, 70, & 40 series, S60, S80 & XC90 incl. seal ring*
Aluminum seal ring only (also fits stock plug)*
*Seal ring should be replaced at every oil change. Does not fit V8.

Superclean Your Oil

Capture every microspeck of metal that causes engine wear. Debris that your oil filter alone might not be able to screen. Made of flexible polyurethane. Simply attach it to the outside of your oil filter and let it do the work.
1993-98 models - oil filter magnet
Not for plastic filter housing on 1999 and newer models.

Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, March 21, 2012 through Monday, May 07, 2012

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