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E-mailer for 850, S/V70 1998-2000, C70 1998-2004 - February 2012

Page 4: ipd Sport Springs, Strut Brace, Front Camber Kit

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Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, February 29, 2012 through Monday, April 09, 2012

ipd springs for 850 & 70 series models

ipd sport springs are the result of customer feedback over the years. Eibach and H&R offered very similar spring sets for the1993-2000 models, but a large part of the market wanted something that offered a more aggressive drop (almost 2”) that would still be suitable for use on a daily driver. Does not fit cars equipped with Nivomat.
850, S70, V70 - 1993-2000 FWD only - Set of 4
C70 coupe - 1998-2004 no convertible - Set of 4

Eibach Springs

Eibach’s legendary spring system, the Pro Kit, dramatically improves the performance, handling and appearance of your Volvo. The secret is Eibach’s proprietary progressive spring rate design, lowering your Volvo 1-1/4” “ without compromising safety or ride quality. The advanced cornering takes your passion for driving to a whole new level. Dropping your Volvo with an Eibach Pro Kit makes a world of difference lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity, reducing acceleration squat, cornering body roll and braking nose dive. Plus, the slight drop eliminates fender-well clearance for first-place racing looks.

850, S70 & V70 - 1993-2000(1) - 1.2 in /1.0 in
C70 (Coupe only) - 1998-2002 - 0.8 in / 0.8 in

IPD Camber Bolt Kit

Whether you've lowered your vehicle for added performance and handling or simply need to bring a worn out suspension back into line, Ipd's front camber kit can help you. Our experience has shown that in many cases the factory front camber adjustment is just not sufficient to bring the vehicle's alignment back into spec. Lowering a vehicle can throw camber angles off quite a bit and the need for a camber kit becomes self-evident.

Our kit includes new bolts with an eccentric on one of the bolt head to provide the adjustment. By opening up the upper holes in the mounting ears you can get enough movement to gain up to 2.0 degrees of camber. Installation is a breeze with the included instructions.

Designed with ease of installation and cost effectiveness in mind, our kit is a simple solution to a common problem. Compared to other kits on the market the IPD front camber kit is very cost effective as well. In fact, it’s close to a quarter the cost of the Volvo OEM kit!

850 all, S70 all, V70/XC 1998-2000, C70 1998-2004

IPD HD Strut Brace

Adding performance shocks, stiffer springs and wide low-profile tires puts additional stress on the front strut towers. Our strut brace connects both towers reducing movement and flex under high cornering loads.

Our turnbuckle brace is all steel construction and powder coated for durability. Featuring counter threaded spherical rod ends, this brace allows you to pretension the strut towers to remove any initial chassis flex that can contribute to washy or splashy steering and cornering. For the maximum in chassis rigidity without sacrificing ride quality this type of brace has proven most popular with enthusiast drivers.

850 all, S70 1998, V70 1998, C70 1998 - Blue
850 all, S70 1998, V70 1998, C70 1998 - Black

Sale pricing valid from Wednesday, February 29, 2012 through Monday, April 09, 2012

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