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E-mailer for Rear Wheel Drive Models - February 2012

Page 2: Adjustable Cam Gear, Camshafts & Kits, Cam Seal Retainer

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Sale pricing valid from Monday, February 27, 2012 through Monday, April 09, 2012

Adjustable Cam Gear

Allows easy horsepower and torque curve adjustment!

Our ipd cam gear provides the edge in performance for your B21, B23, B230 engines (1976-92). Adjustable in 2.5 degree increments up to 10 degrees, either advanced or retarded, and it weighs less than half the factory gear! A fixed single piece, this gear is adjusted by lining up the desired inscribed timing mark with the factory timing mark and placing the corresponding dowel hole on the cam. This should not be confused with ignition timing. By advancing the gear you will gain low-end power at the expense of upper-range power and by retarding the gear you will gain upper range power with a like reduction in low-end power. This gear provides the widest range of adjustment from high RPM turning race engines to the big bore non-turbo motors with lots of low end grunt! Our new gear is hard anodized for long life and tested for durability. A perfect match for our Turbo camshaft or even use it with your stock cam.

Adjustable cam gear for 1976-92 B21, B23, B230 turbo and non turbo engines

Camshaft and Adjustable Gear Kit

We’ve combined both camshaft and gear with all the pieces necessary for installation. This kit includes cam, adjustable gear, cam seals, new cover gasket, and timing belt.

Turbo Performance Cam Kits
B21FT, B23FT engines 1981-85
B230FT engines 1985-92

VX Cam Kits
B21, B23 engines all
B230 engines all 1985-1992

IPD VX Camshaft

Excerpt from "The Volvo Performance Handbook" by Paul Grimshaw:

"An excellent modern example of a high-performance camshaft is Volvo's own "VX" design. Featuring moderate-to-high lift, fair overlap, and good duration the VX cam has been used as a direct replacement for the B230F's anaemic "M" camshaft. This cam/engine combination was marketed in Europe from 1992-1993 as the B230FX and featured a strong (136 ft-lb) flat torque curve from 2900 to 5400 RPM -- improving engine performance dramatically. Peak horsepower rose from 114 BHP to 136 BHP -- a 19% improvement!

What the numbers or power curves cannot accurately communicate is the willingness with which the VX-equipped B230F responds. The reaction to throttle input is far quicker, with none of the roughness over 4000 RPM that the "M" grind typically exhibits. having personally used the cam for some time, I can attest to little change in fuel economy or idle stability."

The IPD VX cam is based on Volvo's original VX camshaft that appeared in the European B230FX engine.

While this camshaft can be used with good results in both turbo and non-turbo applications, we recommend the VX camshaft for non-turbo models and recommend our 0256 Turbo camshaft for turbo models.

On a "back to back" test with a 740na we dropped 1.1 seconds off the 0-60 time.

We recommend using the VX in Bosch LH-Jetronic fuel injected models. It can also be used in 240 models with K-Jetronic fuel injections, but will idle rough..To provide you with the longest camshaft life, these are new Parkerized chill cast iron camshafts. We don't sell reground camshafts because the grinding process usually removes the outer hardened material and greatly reduce the life of the camshaft and valve shims, not to metion requires you to adjust valves more frequently.

When installing this camshaft, you will need a cam cover gasket and may may need to adjust the valves. Also a great time to install a new timing belt and seals. Specifications:

  • Lift Intake: 11.37mm
  • Lift Exhaust: 10.65mm
  • Intake duration: 245.4°
  • Exhaust duration: 236.2°
  • Overlap degrees: 13.8°
VX Performance Camshaft*
*Fits: 1976-1993 240 4 cylinder,1983-1992 700 series w/ 4 cylinder 8 valve engine (B23/B230),1991-1995 900 series w/ 4 cylinder 8 valve engine (B230)

Turbo Performance Camshaft

The ipd turbo performance cam provides increased power and torque on stock and modified B21FT, B23FT and B230FT engines. Compared to the stock T grind cam which starts losing power after 5000 rpm, the ipd turbo cam keeps on pulling up through the power band. We have seen 0-60mph times on a mildly modified 240 turbo change from around 10 seconds to just over 7 seconds and 1/4 mile times have dropped nearly 3 seconds. Expect to see an average of 15-25HP increase on intercooled cars depending on modifications.

  • Cam Intake lift .466” (11.95mm) intake duration 256 degrees
  • Cam Exhaust lift .466” (11.95mm) exhaust duration 256 degrees
  • Overlap - 32 degrees
240, 740, 760, 940 series turbo 1981-95 turbo performance cam

ipd Rear Cam Seal Retainer

Prevent catastrophic oil loss with our easy-to-install seal retainer.B230 engines in 1985-93 240 series cars use a rubber seal to plug a hole on the back of the head. This seal can be blown out at any time, especially if the flame trap is clogged and internal engine pressures rise. Prevent the mess from the oil leak and the possibility of engine failure/fire with this simple-to-install laser cut plate. Mounts to the back of the B230 cylinder head. Easy 10 minute install.

240 series - 1985-93 - seal retainer
240 series - 1985-93 - rear cam seal

Sale pricing valid from Monday, February 27, 2012 through Monday, April 09, 2012

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