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The Transition - January 2012

Page 8: Shocks

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Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, January 17, 2012 through Monday, March 05, 2012

Front Upper Spring Seat 
and Rear Shock Upper Body Mounts

Volvos commonly develop a clunk in the front end that is caused be worn out upper spring seats. These noises can come from the rear spring seats as well.

To provide increased longevity and better shock damping performance ipd has developed our own heavy duty upper spring seat. Our design incorporates more virgin (non-recycled) rubber which encourages a stronger bond between the rubber and the spring seat center mounting sleeve which is the most common point of failure on this part. ipd’s heavy duty spring seat features additional material in key areas to increase longevity and consistent performance without adding additional noise or vibration into the chassis. Get your vehicle back to handling like a new car and keep it that way!

Failure on worn factory units can be accelerated with the addition of performance parts like springs, sway bars, and struts. We recommend replacing the upper spring seats whenever the struts are replaced as part of regular maintenance. The expense is minimal in comparison to having to do the job over again later.

As for the rear, take a look at the bump stop retaining pin before you condemn the shock mount. The pin that holds the stop in place can break and allow the stop to rattle around. As for the shock mount it will wear out over time which can be seen as torn rubber or cracks.

For 850 all, S70, V70 1993-2000, C70 1998 to 2005
HD front upper spring seat mount
Front upper spring seat mount - standard version
Front upper spring seat mount - economy version
Rear upper shock mount (for models w/o Nivomat rear shocks)*
Rear upper shock mount (for models with Nivomat rear shocks)*
Rear upper shock mount 1998-2000 AWD (for models with Nivomat rear shocks)*
Rear spring bump stop retaining pin
*You can determine if your Volvo has Nivomat self leveling rear shocks with a quick look under the car. The Nivomat is easily identified by the rubber accordion boot and much larger shock body as shown in the comparison below.

Conventional Rear Shock Absorber(left) Nivomat Self leveling rear shock absorber used on some Volvo models(right)

For S60 &, V70 2001-2007 and S80 1999-2006
HD front upper spring seat mount
Front upper spring seat - standard version

Bilstein Heavy Duty Shocks

The choice for the truly discriminating driver, Bilsteins offer handling so superior, they’re capable of damping wheel movement as small as 2mm. A big part of improvement comes from Bilsteins patented digressive valving system that helps soak up initial shock loads before full damping is achieved. This takes off the sharp edge of most impacts and completely changes the feel of the car.

Koni Shocks

KONIs provide a nice smooth, but firm feel that we found to be less harsh compared to the high pressure gas system used in most HD Bilstein applications. KONIs also offer adjustable rebound control so you can adjust them for wear as they age to maintain like new performance for the life of the damper.

Koni FSD Shocks

Koni’s Frequency Selective Dampening (FSD) shock is the latest technology from the shock company’s line-up of high performance shocks and struts. Unlike a conventional shock, Koni FSDs can dynamically change the shock valving, depending on the frequency of the impact and its severity. The compromise between comfort and handling is nearly gone. A great balance between comfort and performance.

Sachs Shocks

If you’re looking for economical replacement shocks for your Volvo these are the original shocks as supplied to Volvo at the factory. The front struts are the automatic style (2-year warranty), are computer tuned and individually tested to assure consistent quality. They offer an excellent balance between comfortable ride and road holding.

Bilstein Touring Shocks

Bilstein Touring Class replacement shocks and struts feature the same German engineering and quality as the world famous Bilstein HD’s but with a bit less aggressive valving. This is the Shock Volvo should have used on these cars stock.

Custom ipd Chocolate For Any Order Over $50

To show our appreciation to our customers and to have an excuse to have chocolate in our ipd headquarters, we've made some custom molded ipd chocolate bars. Satisfy your craving for a sweet treat with your choice between dark and milk chocolate.

Our CEO can't keep her hands off of them so order today while supplies last.Each bar is 2x5 inches and 1.2oz.

Milk chocolate
Dark chocolate

Sale pricing valid from Tuesday, January 17, 2012 through Monday, March 05, 2012

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